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Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Watch Me Hussle Clothing

It seem people love shirts that have statement written on them. Watch Me Hussle started as an idea, a statement to live by…it eventually evolved into a Lifestyle Project. It became a message that was expressed through Images, Writing, Art, and now Apparel. To watch an idea evolve beyond it’s original concept has been the highlights of this past year for me. It’s never been about notoriety or popularity; it’s about passion, persistence and determination to keep Husslin’ no matter what.
The number 7 is special to me and although it signifies a win if rolled on the first hand, it can also be a loss if you already have a point. Roll the dice…take risk…see what it does for you. The HUSSLE. Pack is fresh, inspired by NIke and a pair of Dice that we used to play craps with in the streets. It was risky…Just Do it.

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