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Monday, March 23, 2015

Diosa Canales Top 5 Hottest Photos

Everyone has been asking what happened to the top 5 hottest women list! Well we decided to give the world a taste of some new talent on The Wrap-Up Magazine. This time its singer +Diosa Canales. Diosa Canales is a Venezuelan singer, actress, and model.
 Diosa Canales is set to release her first album, La Birola Sexy Venezuela, described as a fusion of merengue and reggaeton. Diosa Canales (born January 11, 1987 in El Tigre, Venezuela).
 What man on earth would not die to have a piece of +Diosa Canales? Too even just have 5 minutes alone with her would be out of the question. She has been seen all over the internet posting random hot photos of herself.
 This Venezuelan singer, actress, and model has sure made a name for herself. Although she is not well know in America, her impact will be like thunder when she does make landing here.

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