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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Angel Cruz Top 5 Hottest Photos

The Wrap-Up Magazine is keeping it sizzling with some of the hottest models and celebrity photos on the net. This time they introduce Angel Cruz to the collection. Although there is not much news about the model online, I'm sure she is starting to take off with her status.

 Just take a moment and picture being with this lady. What else what you need? She seems to have alot of love to give. That smile and face carry looks that can kill.

What hotter that a woman playing football? I don't believe there is nothing hotter than that. If I was playing tackle football with Angel, I may not know how to get up after dazing into her eyes!


She just keep making it better and better in her posting of hot photos. It gets no better than this. Round and brown, thick and slim. The best shape all the way around.

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