Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gansta Marcus Talks The End Of Cds

Gansta Marcus makes a statement on the end of cds, "I can remember a time in music history when everyone wanted their hands in the rise of platinum selling CDs, but now that digital music is released, Cds have declined in recent years making online and mobile sale more easier for music shoppers."

When asked how do he feel the future of music will be, he responded' "The industry will make it had to reach the major platform. Although the internet has made it a way to let indie artist emerge onto their own platform and reach major crowds, the industry will spend millions to put a stop to it."

"Streaming music has become very popular in todays society. With all kinds of gadgets and apps, the digital industry is leading the music revolution. With B.E.T changing its broadcast station to reality t.v., will it hurt emerging artist and the way visual videos are put into rotation?"

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