Friday, April 18, 2014

The Kardashians Has Fallen Victims To Pranksterss

+Kris Jenner has spreaded rumors that the +Kardashian Store has fallen victim to pranksters. According to TMZ, Kris Jenner is convinced that a group of pranksters is out to humiliate the stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and give the entire family a bad reputation by planting fake stories, impersonating them on the phone and even making fake reservations at some of the top restaurants in the world — making them persona-non-grata when they are a no-show for their reserved tables.

Everybody remembers last summer when there was a string of swatting hoaxes among elite celebrities. Fake 911 calls were made from the homes of celebrities claiming emergency situations like trespassing with weapons, to someone had been deathly injured.

Well those "pranks" — which are against the law by the way — were aimed at lots of different celebrities, not just the Kardashians. But this new round of pranks is aimed at the Kardashians and the Kardashians alone.

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