Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lil Boosie’s Daughter Rapping

+LIL BOOSIE daughter has been noticed in a new visual video titled "Education." “The media doesn’t report about Lil Boosie being a strong supporter of his kids getting a good education,” says the YouTube description on “Education,” a back to school pep talk from Iviona Hatch, Boosie’s “downright snappy” first child. 

Ivi’s flow is eerily similar to her dad’s, and her hollered one-liners are candid: Take your time/ Focus on your attitude, I even gotta work on mine. Like “Hot Cheetos and Takis”, the adorable viral jam hatched from a Minneapolis after-school program, “Education” models positive behavior with a team, in this case, the anti-bullying U Hatin? University campaign, the same organization that posted this video recitation of a letter Boosie wrote in prison, telling kids “You can be better than me,” last year.

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