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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sienna Miller Drunk

Rumors are that +Sienna Miller was drunk at the +Oscars. Sienna Miller did not take it slow on Oscars weekend. First, Star spotted a drunken Sienna devouring a stack of cucumber slices at the bar of the Weinstein party. The next night, Sienna clumsily cozied up to boyfriend Tom Sturridge at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash.

I’ve read most of the tabloids this week, and the Oscars gossip has been pretty dull. Miranda Kerr bitched about the porto-potty situation and Chelsea Handler cut in front of a line. Taylor Swift cuddled up to Jamie King at the VF party and Khloe Kardashian was in a terrible mood at the Elton John party. Jennifer Lawrence was carrying a Slim Jim and a protein bar in her clutch because of course she was. And that’s about it. 

Except that on Monday, when I was covering the party photos, I mentioned that the Sienna Miller photos were making me laugh because Sienna had that old-school look in her eye – part boredom, part liquor, part famewhore. It just seemed like she regretted partying with her boyfriend Tom Sturridge and she wished she could be a single girl, mixing it up with all the men. Star Magazine says she was pretty hammered all weekend too:

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