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Friday, December 8, 2017

Lima, Ohio Rapper Signed To Motown Records

Sir Charles C of Lima, Ohio has been signed to +Motown Records since 2008. Since that time, he’s made singles and done shows and tours, all to build up his buzz. Sir Charles was recently in Dayton, Ohio a few weeks ago to participate in a video shoot with Indiana-based Rap artist Mr. Perfect (who also has a deal pending with Def Jam). He took time from his busy schedule for a Q&A.

Sir Charles C: “It took many tanks of gas going up an down the highway, it took me and Ty Jamz (my producer) many restless nights trying to come up with great songs, it' took my homie S Rise to believe in me and give me a chance at working toward my dream, and it took Tony T Luv Davis to see my true potential and introduce me to Sylvia Rhone (President of Universal/Motown Records). And I won her over with my music an my passion. I am humbled for this opportunity.”

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