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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beyonce Kisses Madonna’s Daughter

Rumors are that singer +Beyonce plants a sweet kiss on +Madonna daughter Mercy James. Later that evening, Bey took the party from the concert venue to +Dave & Buster's where she took shots with fans.
It was just announced that Beyonce will be releasing her third fragrance called Beyoncé Rise. She said in her own words, “The fragrance concept is a about female empowerment and finding the inner strength that makes women so beautiful,” Marsha Brooks, vice president of global marketing for fragrances in the Coty Beauty division of Coty Inc., said in a statement. “[Knowles] has done a lot of fruity florals. She’s done gourmands. Pulse was this electric citrus-y floral. This is sexy and sophisticated. We tested it in multiple countries with excellent results.”

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