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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

McKayla Maroney Poses In A Thong

You remember Mckayla from the 2012 Olympics. She took home the silver for the infamous "Fierce Five" team featuring gold medalist Gabby Douglas. There, a photograph of Mckayla was taken and we got the "not impressed" meme. Unfortunately, in 2016 Mckayla suffered from health issues and decided to no longer compete.

But boy look at her now! Mckayla is on the gram looking healthy, to say the least. Mckayla posted a video on Instagram in a black thong flaunting her curves with the caption, "another world premiere". Mckayla confirms that she was not hacked and posted the video. However, there is some speculation that the video was posted in retaliation to people saying she got work done on her lips a while back.

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