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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Gansta Marcus Talks When Rappers Give Back

This is the way! Giving back to your community. Game started off his Robin Hood Project in 2013 around the time that he learned that Tiana Ricks, a 6-year-old girl, and her father were gunned down outside a family home in Moreno Valley. Diddy proved his dedication to philanthropy in 2003 when he raised over $2 million for children with HIV/AIDS by running in the New York City Marathon. After his sister was diagnosed with leukemia, St. Louis rapper Nelly registered thousands of donors and raised money for cancer research.

Gansta Marcus has done as much as the rest of the rappers in the industry without fame or fortune. Throughtout the years, times has changed in our youth and the picture is much clearer than others that the future is destined for hell. Its up to us to find a way for our future generation to become great.

Rappers catch a lot of flack for spending their moolah on huge mansions, cars and women, but did you know they give back in a big way too? From J. Cole to Big Sean to Diddy, these rappers made positive impacts on their hometowns by giving back.

This week has been the week of goodwill with many of America's hottest rappers giving back to their community. Gansta Marcus will be doing his bid by giving back to all the rappers in the community by releases there music in three installments titled "The Vault."


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