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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Return Of MTV Cribs

"The Wrap-Up Magazine would like to welcome all visitors on tours throughout the rich and famous. Were bringing you rappers and artist homes based from the original show of MTV Cribs. Check out some of the visuals released below that we feel are some of the hottest moments of celebrity cribs.

 "The Wrap-Up Magazine" gives you an exclusive visual to Ne-Yo crib in Atlanta. Check out his 5 bedroom 4 bathroom crib here. (CLICK HERE) To Check Out The Crib.

 Terror Squad member Fat Joe takes us on a trib through his crib on MTV. Come and watch this rappers luxury crib with "The Wrap-Up Magazine". (Click Here) To Check Out Fat Joes Crib.

 "The Wrap-Up Magazine" is back with another edition of cribs, this time its the skateboarder +Rob Dyrdek. (CLICK HERE) To Check Out Rob Dyrdek Crib.

 "The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like for you to walk with us on a tour of +Missy Elliott home with MTV. (CLICK HERE) To Check Out Missy Elliot Crib.

 Not only rappers like to show off, but boxers have been releasing their lifestyles also. (CLICK HERE) To See More Of Roy Jones Crib.

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