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Monday, June 8, 2015

Gansta Marcus Talks Who Can You Trust

"The Wrap-Up Magazine" In todays society, its hard to trust anyone. Relationships are torn apart, police shooting teenagers, people stealing, and so many trading on there best of friends. With so much violence going on in the world, you don't know whats going to hit you next.

We live in a world were minds are taken over by what they see and others do. Friends become enemies, and relationships end up on bad terms. You would think people would want to change for the better, instead its getting worse as the generations goes on.

Its hard to say you got a friend you can get money with. If you start getting more money than them, then they might get it in there minds to rob you. Or how about letting someone in your home and they tell their homies wha you may have in your house.

I once had to cope before with my own situation. I had to counsel a young man who killed a man. The hardest thing is, he killed my best friend. If I ruled the world or was President, not only would I use Congress funds for improving the world, but my own money too.

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