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Friday, October 17, 2014

How It All Began

Nieman Marcus has never opened up about his life story until now. In his own words, he speaks of the lifesyle he use to live, things he has done, and more. Read the written interview below as Nieman begins to make a portfolio of himself.

At one point in time, there was a young landlord in the City Of Lima, Ohio who name was Lemarquis Washington. He was also a local rapper who was called Gansta Marcus. On Christmas of the year 2000, Nieman's family got together to buy him a 12 channel Crate mixer as a gift. His family knew that Nieman love to write his own music, mostly on the life that was bottled inside of him.

Nieman later team up with +philippe francois for the new website Hip-Hop were he than learned to become a promoter for artist developement. He released various mixtape under name Dj Sippitakeover +Sippi Boy.
Nieman then began making music and giving out free CD's within his local city. In 2010, he released The 419 To The 662 Album. This album was distributed by +Catapult Distribution. Catapult is a leading digital music distributor for Artists and Labels into stores like iTunes, AmazonMP3, and more. (CLICK HERE) for +Google Students who is learning to promote themselves.

Since the release of his 2010 album, Nieman has released various mixtapes, mp3's and music downloads to keep his name going. No visual video has been released currently at this time, but i'm sure this artist is ready to take the womens hearts and te streets ears.

Nieman now owns the website The Wrap-Up

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