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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why I'm Trending In My City

Lima, Ohio producer Gansta Marcus decides to give a quick statement on why he is trending in his city. While all the other rappers are performing and making a name for themselves in the local city area, Nieman Marcus is the online promoter who help get the word out.

Many of the major local artist do not record or colab with Nieman, but they all respect his hustle for the industry. While Nieman like to release his music digitaly, other locals are join in and releasing visual videos. When asked why he does not have any visual video, he responded, "I have not worked on any because I don't want to release them myself, I want a company to do it. I guarantee, I will do thousands of hits."

"I have been releasing singles and many mixtapes online after my 2010 release on itunes and other digital music sources. Ive joined many social media outlets such as twitter, facebook and more.

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"I've done tracks with artist from Mississippi, Lima, Oklahoma, Detroit, and more. I've been making a local name for myself in the underground music scene, but now i'm ready to step out. I feel that my lyrics and writing style has grown into what I like to call my emerging status.

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