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Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Rainy Day Tricks

The Wrap-Up has released the top 5 tricks for staying dry in the rain. When its spring time, rain covers the globe. Here are 5 rainy day hacks to survive even the worst spring showers.

1. Keep Newspaper Handy At Home
Newspapers may be a dying industry, but they're extremely adept at drawing moisture out of shoes.

2. Fix Leaky Rain Boots
Instead of throwing away leaky rain boots, try repairing them with Tub & Tile Caulk. Rub the caulk along the seams of your boots, let dry, and then test the seam by standing in your bathtub with your boots on to make sure they’re leak-proof.

3. Put Wet Electronics In Rice
When your phone falls in a puddle or somehow gets wet, put it in a bag of dry rice as quickly as possible. The rice will absorb the moisture from your phone without damaging your gadgets. Leave it in there for 24 hours and try and your device again. Keep repeating until it works.

4. Carry A Plastic Grocery Bag
When your umbrella is wet, it’s rude to carry it into work or a friend’s house and leave a massive puddle. Simply stuff a few dry plastic grocery bags in your rain jacket pocket or purse so you can put your wet umbrella in a bag and not track water all over the floor.

5. Let Your Suit Air Dry
When your suit gets wet, there are a few things you should never, ever do: wring it out, put it on a hanger, and throw it in the dryer. Instead, lay your suit on a dry towel or cloth on the floor and leave it there until its 100% air-dried, changing the towel as needed.