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Friday, June 23, 2017

Self Promoting

Here at The Wrap-Up, one of the first steps to a artist getting himself or another career to a start is self publishing. For those who have little or no cash, the first steps to take would be twitter and facebook. They help to reach the masses if people like what you are talking about. Pretend you are acting and this is your t.v. show, now how do you keep them entertained.

Always remember that links are the key, not mp3's to promoting your music. So make sure you have a soundcloud and myspace space to submit to bloggers or promoters. Always start your music off locally. Doing shows locally is also a great start and form of practice, just don't stop and keep showing up for everyone of them. You Can Also do something in your community that help to cause scene for exposure.

Make sure their positive, some don't like to see artist being locked up before they career even takes off. Make sure to keep a job while you getting everything rounded up. If you have no money to hire a publicist, they do what you can to get multiple computers setup in your house with a wire router and a team to help push out your music. Good Luck...

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