Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Music: ONE SON Ft. Johnnie Henderson - "Outta My Mind"

ONE SON has released seven solo projects and two group projects. He's been featured on BigFM in Europe, French TV in Paris, and Jam Agenda in Uganda Africa. He's had placements on Netflix, NBC, ESPN, and truTV .

Introducing ‘Adil C’ Canada’s Next Pop Star

Adil C is an up and coming artist who has been working diligently behind the scenes to present his fans with enchanting music. Originally from Montreal Quebec, the creative artist moved to Ontario at a young age where he found his love for music. Learning how to play guitar, drums, and bass assisted Adil in becoming the well rounded musician he is today. He also learned about audio engineering, mixing/mastering, recording, and singing which further enhanced his abilities to stand apart from the rest. 

Fac Marlo Releases His New Melodic Single ‘Butterflies”

Fac Marlo has released his new and captivating single, “Butterflies” with an enchanting storyline. “The idea of Butterflies is like a tale of 2 individuals, one is a rapper and one is a fan. They make eye contact and end up seeing a future together cuz she’s convinced he’s something special”, the artist described. 

"No Time To Play Fair" Season 1 Episode 4: "The Front" | @Fairplay_2333 @SSDFPodcast (Web Series)

Chicago rapper "Fairplay 2333" is back with episode 4 of "No Time To Play Fair", in this episode "Play" make a couple of plays and fronting a few of the guys with the work. Stay tuned to see how that play works out for "Play" in the next episode.

JuCity Bird (@JuCityBird) - "Before The Fame"

Jackson, Mississippi artist JuCity Bird releases his official music video for his track entitled "Before The Fame" off his third installment in his "Bird Flu" mixtape series.

Zae Imperial - "Make Way"

Jackson, Mississippi artist Zae Imperial releases his official music video for his single entitled "Make Way" shot by Draya and presented by Money Movement Ent.

#Stream #NewMusic iLLAH - "Propaganda" @MiRAZHiLAH


After releasing “The Unseen” last year and "That Feeling" on 4/20, iLLAH is back with the second single off the upcoming new album.

Produced by Sypooda, “Propaganda” touches on the information age and this misleading society we live in. From fake news, everyday distractions to fake friends, sometimes detachment is needed to gain clarity.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Astro Mars - Twist


Astro Mars puts new ‘Twist’ on psychedelic rap with hot new single 

MIRAMAR, FL – Melodic psychedelic rap takes on a new “Twist” with the latest single from Florida artist Astro Mars. Using distorted melodic vocals set against a traditional 808 beat, Astro Mars offers something that’s anything but traditional with this song that’s all about enjoying every moment that you have and making the most of life. Astro’s melodic rapping set against a bouncy beat is evocative of Travis Scott or Future, yet he has a sound that’s all his own. The flow is hypnotic and the lyrics are catchy in a way that gets stuck in your head for hours after … but in the best of ways. You won’t be able to turn away from this song once it has its hooks in you, but why would you want to? It’s one of the most upbeat grooves that modern hip-hop has seen in a long time. 

“My vibe is on a whole other level,” Astro Mars said. “A lot of people can sit down and make a beat or do the hook-verse-hook thing, but the way I melodically take different vibes and tie that in with the beat and make the production go left or right or upside down just shows the passion I have to deliver a song that’s perfect. I’m bringing mind-bending melodies and sounds to your ears, and I want to be known as one of the greatest to ever do what I’m doing. Take this ride with me because you won’t forget it.” 

Astro Mars’ own journey started when he was only 10 years old. That’s when he started trying out rapping for the first time, and eventually he wrote down some of his witty lyrics to perform for friends and family. By his junior year in high school he was started to record those songs and playing them for his fellow classmates. He started listening to more rap and expanding his knowledge of hip-hop, and eventually fell in love with the rappers who embraced a more futuristic vibe. As he began to dive into production and learned what it takes to make a song unique, the entire process captivated him and motivated him to make the kind of music that he does today – a sound that he refers to as psychedelic rap. 

“A lot of rappers focus on a different type of music where I’m from, but I’m one of the only artists doing what I’m doing,” he said. “I just love uniqueness and being different. I want people to enjoy something new and different – to have that feeling that this guy right here is something special. And I want to bring that special-ness out of other people. I’m always working on something new, and I want to push more and more singles out there to get my name out there and so that people can see what to expect from me and what I’m bringing to the table.” 

In addition to “Twist,” Astro Mars said he plans to drop another single called “Dark Sky” later this summer. He’s also working on videos for his singles. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 



Instagram: @astr0mars 

Twitter: @AstroMarss

AED Projek - Let’s Begin

Digital Music Creator Alonso Daniels offers dance track of the summer with hot new single ‘Let’s Begin’ 

ALEXANDRIA, VA – There’s one thing for certain that listeners of Alonso Daniels’ music can be sure of: there’s going to be a lot of energy. His latest single “Let’s Begin” is the perfect example. From the opening of the brash trumpet jazz intro to the very last beat drop, this dance-heavy upbeat track is the epitome of energy. It’s fun and upbeat and serves as the perfect introduction to what Daniels calls the “AED Projek” – a three-album extravaganza of upbeat songs that will take listeners on a musical journey over the next three years. 

“It’s dance music that’s mainly instrumental, though sometimes there are lyrics,” Daniels said. “‘Let’s Begin’ is just the first single. My plan is to release three singles this year and then the first album, with two more albums over the next two years. And everything kind of gets fully explained through the videos that will come. Eventually I’ll have other musicians come along and play, as well. You can discover things along the way and take a journey.” 

Daniels likened the project to something similar to what The Gorillaz would create in terms of elaborating on their music through other artistic mediums, like videos. “Let’s Begin” will establish the first step of that journey when the full video is released later this year. Even without the video, however, fans can enjoy the upbeat vibe that Daniels has created. The brash trumpet intro leads into a funky old-school hip-hop groove that includes record scratching and skipping lyrics.  

“It’s definitely something you can dance to,” Daniels said. “It’s a song that says, ‘We’ve gone through a lot of rough times over the past year, so let’s just go and have fun right now.’ That’s really all it is – just dancing and having fun. Nothing serious. What comes later will come later.” 

Daniels is a relative newcomer to the music recording industry, though he did spend some years as a manager for a band based out of France. He first came to music through his mother, who was a concert pianist. He said he remembers listening to her practice piano all day throughout his teenage years, and she even at one point tried to teach him how to play, though he never took to it. But she did instill within him a passion for good music, and eventually he started studying other artists who he considered to be some of the greats – such as The Beatles, Carlos Santana, Beck, Pink Floyd, and Maroon Five. Any band who created good energy caught his attention, and it’s that kind of vibe he tries to create in his own music.  

“It’s nice when you dance to something and just let out a lot of energy,” he said. “That’s what I like to do and what I like to create. I don’t even really consider myself a musician as much as a digital music creator. And at the end of the day I hope people hear my music and say that it was inspiring, fun and energetic. Eventually I hope its music that will inspire people to think different and do better for themselves and for others. But for right now, let’s just have fun and dance.” 

Daniels said his next single will be “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss,” which should drop later this summer. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 





“Let’s Begin” – https://soundcloud.com/user-124810091/voulez-vous-dancer-avec-moi-do-you-want-to-dance-with-me/s-Jg5c65EopMI 

$uede (@moneysignsuede) - "I'm Back" | Directed by @xkevinmora

After inking a record deal with Atlantic Records in 2020 Parkside rapper MoneySign $uede turned himself into authorities to serve a 21-month sentence stemming from a previous conviction. At the time, $uede's seminal "Back To The Bag" hit single was taking over the streets of L.A. — racking up well over two million views on YouTube since last May. In the 10-month following the release of his viral “Back To The Bag” track, $uede served his time and paid his debt to society, and now with a clear record and freedom at his fingertips, $eude is picking up where he left off on "I’m Back." Armed with in-pocket West Coast production from Laudiano, "I'm Back" is brought to life by the ultraviolet visual featuring the Parkside Baby himself and the gang money-spreading and engaging in all sorts of flexy rapper activities. The video feels ceremonious and celebratory as $uede fires off his cocky G-checking bars, "She could never get enough, she love me/I can never get enough of this money/Nigga like me get cheese like Chucky/She say I'm cute but my life is ugly." Though he was incarcerated the majority of the first half of 2021, MoneySign $uede has still maintained an incredible pace behind bars, delivering multiple singles including "Momma Don't Cry," and his "She Gone Choose," collaboration with Lil Weirdo. Watch the full video for "I'm Back" below.