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Saturday, June 3, 2017

16-Year-Old Murders Uber Driver

May 30th will forever be a day of mourning for the family of Grant Nelson, who was violently killed while working his usual cab shift in the northern Chicago region. Nelson had picked up 16-year-old Eliza Wasni from a Walmart store in Skokie at around 3 a.m. Records show that it was her 3rd Uber ride in two hours, and authorities believe that she plotted it that way.

Wasni's early morning began with an Uber to a train station at around 1:25 a.m. That trip was followed by an Uber to the Walmart from where she'd eventually be picked up by Nelson upon making her third Uber call. What Nelson may have sensed was that the passenger was in her late teens, at most. What he didn't suspect was that she was armed with a machete and a knife she had stolen from the superstore. He would only learn when he was ambushed from behind, as Wasni suddenly went off and began hacking and slicing him in the head, arms, side and chest.
The victim was able to pull over in front of a Condo building on Lincoln Avenue, where he ran out and banged for help before falling to a patch of grass. Wasni would put the car into drive and attempt to escape, but soon crashed. When police arrived, they found Wasni dying where he lay, and then began to comb the area.

They didn't have to go far to track Wasni down from where Nelson's blood-stained car remained. She had been hiding by an air-conditioning unit behind an office building, dressed only in her bra and leggings. She also remained in possession of the weapons, prompting police to draw their guns and demand that she place them down, to which she eventually complied.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Nikon L830 Review

What better camera to have at home than the Nikon L830. If you want to be delighted by your photos and HD videos; if you want to catch detailed close-ups of faraway action; then this is it. With a superb NIKKOR super telephoto glass lens that delivers 34x optical zoom plus an astounding 68x Dynamic Fine Zoom, you'll be amazed by how far you can reach. Thanks +Nikon USA 

The Bottom Line With easy-to-use controls, a nice tilting LCD, and pleasing photo quality, the affordable 34x zoom Nikon Coolpix L830 is great to have. uy Nikon COOLPIX L830 Ultra Zoom Digital Camera with 16 Megapixels, 34x Optical Zoom with 4-136mm Lens (Available in multiple colors) at Walmart.com.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kat Stacks Arrested

Kat Stacks tweeted about her release from jail on Friday morning [October 14], and dismissed reports that she had been arrested for assaulting somebody. After informing her followers that she was free, the social media vixen shared the reason for her detainment, claiming that her mother went to the police with false accusations.

On Wednesday a tweet surfaced on Kat's Twitter page, in which she let her followers know that she will be "going away." She then spelled out the extent of her trouble by tweeting out Florida's law for battery in the first-degree. Being a repeat offender, she cited a stipulation that upgrades the battery to a third-degree felony if it follows prior battery charges; a conviction of which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

"I didn't beat anyone up. My retarded mother called the police on me and LIED claiming I beat her up. No marks though," Kat wrote, in a message she concluded with the hashtags #Slut and #BadMom.  "I shoulda called the cops on my mom when I was an innocent child and she used to punch me and beat me on my head with heels," she wrote.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tracy Morgan Buys $14 Million Mansion

The actor was seriously injured in a 2014 car accident when a Walmart truck struck his limousine while he was on his way home from a comedy show.  The accident killed his friend and fellow comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, and injured four others.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Friday Violence

Call it Black-eye Friday. Black Friday brawls broke out all over the country starting on Thanksgiving. Shoppers fought at a Louisville, Ky., mall on Thanksgiving night, wrestling each other to the ground in a packed food court.

The fracas knocked a woman to the floor as shoppers at Mall St. Matthews gawked at the sight of two unidentified men slapping, punching and tearing at each other’s shirts. A police officer broke up the fight, as shown in video capturing at least 30 seconds of the melee. It’s unclear who or what sparked the fight or if the assailants will face criminal charges.

At least one participant in the fight was shown being ushered out of the food court by his friends. He made sure to pick up a shopping bag he had dropped on the floor. In addition, A fight video circulated on social media early Friday showing a scuffle between a group of men at a mall in Florence, Ky.

A shooter wounded one person who was left with non-life threatening injuries outside an Alexandria, La., mall on Thursday night, but local authorities quickly determined the attack had nothing to do with Black Friday. Big crowds drawn to Black Friday have drawn scrutiny for unruly behavior especially after the 2008 trampling death of a Walmart worker in Long Island.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christian Band Members In Deadly Fight

This could get bigger than what it looks like. Arizona investigators have released dramatic video of a Walmart parking lot brawl that left a police officer wounded, one man dead, and reportedly involved members of a Christian family band.

Enoch Gaver, 21, was killed in the fight in the town of Cottonwood, and suspect David Gaver, 28, was shot in the stomach and taken into custody. Police Sergeant Jeremy Daniels was hit in the leg by a bullet fired during the melee.

The police dashcam video, released Friday, shows Cottonwood Police approaching the group of eight people -- all identified as members of the Gaver family -- around a large SUV in a Walmart parking lot on March 21.

Officers wanted to question them about the alleged assault of a Walmart employee who was going into the store bathroom. The police were accompanied by another Walmart employee. At least three members of the family are reportedly in a Christian band named "Matthew 24 Now," which is a Bible verse that refers to the end times, according to CNN affiliate KPHO. The family was living out of its Chevy Suburban.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Temptations Of A Credit Card

Store credit cards are great for people because of all the discounts and reward points. You just need to be smart and use it at the right times, never giving in to temptations. Hotel chains are also offering credit cards, with many more temptations, like travel points, gifts, and bonuses.