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Friday, May 5, 2023

[Mixtape] Streets On Lock Vol 1

@JayShieldsCEO Releases 


Memphis, TN, April 26, 2023 – Jay Shields, CEO is back like he never left, and what better way to feed the streets than with Street Certified, Industry Approved tracks featuring underground, independent and major artists from across the nation. @JayShieldsCEO definitely got the Streets on Lock with this one!!!

Growing up in Memphis, TN, you can’t help but be a part of the Memphis music scene, whether it is Rap and Hip-Hop, Blues, Rock or really anything with a beat to it. From a hype man to a rapper and later to a manager and CEO, when it comes to music, @JayShieldsCEO pretty much knows how music and an artist should sound and he’s a certified RIAA platinum record breaker.

His goal for 2023 is to release 50 albums/mixtapes/compilations by the end of the year. While enjoying this album, follow him on social media @JayShieldsCEO and if you’re interested in getting your song on one of his upcoming projects or collaborating with him on an album, collaboration or mixtape, contact him @JayShieldsCEO with a business plan, and a humble and pleasant attitude. 

For Downloads and Streaming: https://www.StreetsOnLockMixtapes.com

Also available at: 



For a Feature on Volume 2, contact: @JayShieldsCEO

Song Credits:

01. JRilla Da Great - Pressure

02. NuBoi - Energy

03. Mr. Red Carpet - Oh Ok

04. Chri8 & Foogiano - Ratchet

05. Rio Callix - Patience

06. Zedzilla & Sleezy - Raw

07. Lil T - ErrDAY

08. Yung CTV - F*cka Hater Friday

09. Nin9 Tha Don - Homies

10. Mike Lawry Baby - Life's A Bitch

11. Thot Boy Zello - Talk A Lot

12. Hawiji - Pretty On Me

13. Dre Fresh & Big Rosie - Blow A Bag

14. DJ Q, Young Dolph & Rick Ross - Plenty Cake

15. Lorvins, JLutch & Yapah Q - In A Box

16. JRilla Da Great - When U See It

17. Chri8 & Fastcash Jizzle - Way Up (Remix)

18. NuMoney & Lil Boosie - Jail Funds

19. Scooby Ru - Gameplan

20. Joka Beezy - The Villian

21. ZedZilla & Martin - Young Nigga

22. Trub & Project Pat - Real

23. Moshey Ben Yahudah - Puppet

24. EzyLundon - Pray

25. Eon 4 Eva - Life Is Brutal-Ful

Promotion by: Jay Shields, CEO @JayShieldsCEO

Monday, March 20, 2023

[Single] Wuttaboy - Testimony

 WuttaBoy started his journey in the industry as an Intern for Dj Drama At Means Streets/Atlantic Records in Atlanta, sitting behind producers of Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, A Boogie just to name a few.

WuttaBoy started his journey in the industry as an Intern for Dj Drama At Means Streets/Atlantic Records in Atlanta, sitting behind producers of Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, A Boogie just to name a few. His track “Testimony” though short is truly sweet, showing his talents with a range that is exquisite. WuttaBoy ureses god given talent and brings it all home, his style is superior and he is going for the gold.

Friday, September 16, 2022

[Single] H.B Almighty ‘Yours’

Artist AJ Henry goes by the stage name of H.B Almighty and was raised in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. Ever since he was a young boy, he has had a passion for music and Having the musical background makes him play many instruments along with the spiritual ability to be in the church at one point, AJ made it no secret that music was always around him growing up. It was something that he fell in love with all his life. It was pretty much like breathing to me, he recalls in an interview with a newspaper.

Growing up in The Church

In his mind, church was more of a place to go and do something good with your time than an event that was going to change your life forever. He didn’t feel the need to give up everything in order to serve God, he only felt the need to make himself better in any way possible because he knew deep down that it would be beneficial in the long run. 

His Musical Background

He grew up playing the organ in church. His mom was the music director, so He was always around music.He has also played the drums, bass, keyboard, and guitar. With the musical background he has and having the ability to play many instruments in the church, it allowed him to travel and create networks with other talented gospel artists like himself . His grandmother is her inspiration . She’s one of his biggest fans. In 2019, his grandma passed away and he wanted the best for her.

Choosing a Stage Name

When he first started making music, he had no idea what he wanted the stage name to be. He knew that he wanted something that would represent his faith and his love for music, so he eventually settled on H.B. Almighty. H stands for Heavenly Father, B stands for Best Believe, and Almighty is in reference to God’s almighty power. The heavenly and blessed portions of the name show his faith while the latter part of the name shows how much he truly enjoys playing music.

Covid Time

It was during the pandemic that H.B. caught Covid and it allowed him the space to think and build his brand on what he loves most – music. He had a group of longtime friends that would call him HB as a childhood nickname. He told himself he would recover from COVID, expand his talents, and make his family and Grand Mother proud.  That’s when he took his first steps towards becoming a church-raised, independent artist with a love for music. Those days, he can be found in studios around the city working on new songs or performing live at various venues.

Finding his Sound and record a label

AJ Henry record label called it Heart breaker label and eventually decided to turn his nickname into a career. All of his buddies help him and founded and contributed to his first release. He  decide to take this nickname and soon start his own record label. He have a vision to show his talents to the world and bring something new to the industry along with a fresh face and a fresh sound. He want  the market with his youthful appearance, musical taste, and innovation. He has already been releasing music on all platforms such as Take A Minute, Overtime, Dear Journal Part 1 EP. , which is available on all streaming services like Spotify. As he is very talented His promising future and limitless talent is going to have the industry on their guard because H.B. Almighty will come after EVERYTHING!


Instagram: @al.miiighty 

Twitter: @Hb_almighty21

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

[Single] Mahogany Stylez 'R.B.E'

Known for her sheer diversity and unadulterated hustle, Mahogany Stylez embodies the concept of “Women in Hip Hop.” As a Rapper/Song Writer/Model/Host, she positions herself in a way that will leave no room to NOT be a staple in the Entertainment Industry. Hip Hop raised her and thus she was coined “Hip Hop’s Little Sister,” later the “Princess of Hip Hop." She serves up raw honest vocals, wrapped in a flow that is so unique and a voice that is true to herself, her brand IS an art form. From an early age, Mahogany exposed and thrusted herself into anything that was related to the Art, and so it comes as no surprise that Mahogany Stylez has her hands in many pots, across all things entertainment. From Music and Hip Hop, to Modeling and Brand Collaborations, to Hosting, and building her own multi operation empire, including her latest Brand Launch, Hippie Stixx Co., a Lifestyle Cannabis Accessories Brand, Mahogany Stylez is surely a powerhouse, with only so much more promise of what is to come. She’s already been published on a slew of mixtapes over her career but is most recognized for her debut EP “Str8 Stylin the EP,” and singles like “I Swear,” and “Diary,” and more recent singles, like “Dirty Low,” and “Play No Games.” “Dirty Low” was featured on Safaree’s “Get Straiiittt” Mixtape Series. She has actively been involved in publishing her own music projects, balancing modeling, and host bookings, to hosting and producing two Podcasts of her own, including a personal Talk/Dish style podcast, “The Mahogany StylezExperience,” and her Independent Artist Spotlight podcast, “The Sunday Funday Mix Show.” It’s safe to say that Mahogany Stylez is a talented force. Looking to release more music, she also looks forward to tapping back into Film and Television. No matter what she’s doing, she’s sure to deliver. Currently working on 2 new projects, Mahogany recently released a new anthem like record “R.B.E” and ode to the female hustlers.

Continue to follow the Mahogany Stylez journey, to see where she will land next!

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/mahoganystylez Facebook: www.Facebook.com/mahoganystylez Instagram: www.instagram.com/mahoganystylez Music Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7Mh8kI5fOvcGrgrYU0Tnv0?si=nsf80sV7SHKxu9YGaL42bQ

Saturday, August 6, 2022

[Video] Nitty Gritty GR - Rackin Horse

The unapologetic COUNTRY RAP MC, NITTY GRITTY GR is delivering hick hop music in a style unmatched by anyone else. A native of MEMPHIS, NITTY GRITTY GR represents the genuine demeanor of a modern man from the countryside of Tennessee, where he was taught, “to work hard, by any means necessary.” Looking for a more productive way to achieve those same goals, NITTY GRITTY GR aimed his passion at music. His style and music show love for beautiful women, good times, and taking care of family. NITTY GRITTY GR takes you into his world of respect, dedication, and living life to its fullest every time he hits the track. His innovative flow in songs, like “Rackin Horse” is intoxicating and his presence in video and on stage are just as memorable. With a smooth voice, he catches the beat and rides with it, taking listeners into the high with him. A powerfully motivated artist and professor to the farm life, NITTY GRITTY GR is ready to take you on a journey with him. Get your mind ready to enter the world of NITTY GRITTY GR. He is currently working with a lot of major artists and producers. NITTY GRITTY GR was also awarded Artist of the Year and Song of the Year at the Josie Music awards in 2019 AND 2021. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, and all streaming and download platforms.


(901)412-1597 Greg Roberts

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

[Video] Gafa Gamy 'The Slime is Real'

Gafa Gamy makes the front cover of Oth Magazine (Overtime Hustlin) and inside XXL 2022 Freshmen Issue

Georgia rhyme slinger Gafa Gamy is flying high above the competition and earning massive respect among his peers. He has put out consistent music releases that have satisfied many rap pundits. As an artist, he is daring, direct and real. His music is like a movie but through words. Gafa Gamy's brand is buzzing nationwide. He is currently featured in the front cover of OTH (Overtime Hustlin) Magazine. This is a major feat for an independent music artist. Gafa Gamy has big dreams and big talent to match. He is shaking up the independent music scene with his critically praised and fan-approved singles. Gafa Gamy is not just a rapper; he's a winning brand. He is an astute and savvy entrepreneur. Equally important, he is featured in the latest issue of the acclaimed XXL Magazine, which is the 2022 Freshman edition. His article can be found on page 85. Moreover, Gafa Gamy has released a bonafide street anthem called "The Slime is Real." The lyrics are relentless and the beat is hard. He offers that rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and creativity. The music video for "The Slime is Real" was directed by Gafa Gamy himself. The visual is sleek and dynamic. He's hungry and highly motivated. Respect the grind and join the movement.

Follow Gafa Gamy on IG @GafaGamy

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

[Video] Kentucky Dom 'One For the Country" | @kentucky_dom

Kentucky Dom has been professionally making music for four years. Spending the last decade dabbling in music and artist management has led him to many successful ventures. Being born and raised in Kentucky sparked a passion for making music and changing the world. He has grown deep roots and connections with people from all walks of life; from traveling to foreign countries to performing at rodeos to making music with other artists. This background inspired him to want to bridge cultures together. “One for the Country ” breaks the mold for the typical stereotype, inspiring and encouraging people to live the life they love regardless of the typical standards. Kentucky Dom’s latest song, “Cowfolk B” featuring Taylor Hogan, will be released summer 2022. Also in the works is a new single from Kentucky Dom and Coffey Anderson called, “Kick Back”. One For The Country was the desire to show people that artists of color can still be about the country, rodeo and things of rural living. Life and music doesn’t have to be determined by the color of your skin. You do not need to fit a certain stereotype to enjoy the things you love. With also having a hip hop cultured background, I just want to bring my two personal cultures together as one to share with the world.
Instargram/ facebook/Tiktok:@kentucky_dom

Monday, May 23, 2022

[Video] Magicc "Too Late"


“One of the year’s breakout up and coming artist” – ZekeBeats “Unflinchingly honest, earnestly positive, and resolutely single-minded” – AWF DJ Services “Magicc should be a major label signed artist. Top 40 HIT”- Dan Matthews (Klubjumpers)

  13 MAY 2022 (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) – Magicc has unveiled the highly anticipated “Too Late”, the single he has called “Song of the summer” Stream/download “Too Late” HERE.

The release of “Too Late” follows Magiccs’ breakout single and music video “Rewind” which peaked at number 21 on the Top 150 Independent Artist Digital Radio Charts and spent multiple weeks in the top 50 of the same chart (as well as going top 100 globally on DRT Global Chart). Coming off of multiple shows with artists such as Trippie Redd, Soulja Boy and more, Magicc will be killing the stage throughout this coming summer.

Mind catching, soul grabbing and fierce, ‘Too Late’ is an anthem for men and women to reflect on how their actions and bad habits can lead to their spouse being pushed away and finding new love. Written by Magicc – the highly talented artist behind ‘Rewind’ – ‘Too Late’ arrives alongside an iconic video directed by James Karoki AKA JayScribe, who has previously worked with the likes of the New Mexico United Professional Soccer team as a videographer. The video further showcases this talented, increasingly- fearless young artist living out all his wildest super-star-dreams, but in a manner that displays his big heart.

This is an extraordinary journey that Magicc has worked towards his whole life (even dropping out of college two years ago to pursue the goal and follow the journey further). Still aged just 23 years old, the chartting independent artist has already surpassed over 200 thousand combined streams since beginning his music journey.

Out of some troubling times Magicc has fashioned a sensational, boiling hot summer record, a head bopping, energy flowing single, which can sit proudly on a global stage next to The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and Jack Harlow. In mood, if not exactly in sound, it has some of the complete realization and energy as some of the latest The Weekend, work.

Now poised to join the pantheon of international pop greats, his tireless energy, positivity and drive were never going to allow Magicc to settle for anything other than ‘High Expectations’ and ‘High Output”. In years to come watch Magicc meet them and keep reaching higher still.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/official.magicc?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4JQDks7d0MWScWdOSpgZzF?si=9FcPQBJUTrOI0kZmM1R8Lw
YouTube: https://youtu.be/kTHwXa2E31M
For Media contact & interviews
Contact @dgentertainment.1
Kristian Duncan 702-569-8541

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Introducing Troy Wimbley

Troy Wimbley is one of the most sought-after, innovative and creative songwriters/artist in the twenty first century. It all started when he was just a kid growing up on the west side of Chicago, Illinois when he discovered his dynamic gift and love of music and songwriting. He was inspired by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and The Temptations. Troy first started writing for local groups all around the Windy City of Chicago. To expand his career and take it to the next level, Troy left Chicago, Illinois and moved to Los Angeles. This move proved to be one of the greatest moves for of his career because once in Los Angeles Troy began writing for Death Row Records and many more opportunities to work with celebrity artists open up. Here is where he worked with artist like Danny Boy, Michelle`, The Dogg Pound, TuPac, Mary J. Blige and Jodeci. After working at Death Row Records for a few years, he later formed a group called Emoja and was introduced to American Idol Musician Randy Jackson. Troy Wimbley also has songs with Lil Wayne, Bryson Tiller, T Pain, and Sean Paul which most Troy's streams are platinum on Spotify. For purchasing or learning more about platinum artist/songwriter visit musicoftroy.com We hope you enjoy the story, the message and most important love the music!

Email for booking: troycashes@gmail.com

Follow Troy Winbley https://twitter.com/musicoftroy https://youtu.be/2XlwA3jKj0Y https://instagram.com/musicoftroy?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Featured Platinum song: Troy Winbley ft Bryson Tiller x Leave Wit Me https://open.spotify.com/track/0r8ANzk5bLEhXJ98V0B4VB

For any of your advertising, press and marketing needs, contact Rio Dixon and Tonya Dixon on IG @glamlife_365

Friday, April 8, 2022

[Album] Dom 2 Timez "KINGDOM3"

KINGDOM3 is an arrangement of tracks that showcases Dom 2 Timez life experiences though all his failures and success. One of most unique storytelling artist out right now.
    Dom 2 Timez is not like any other ordinary artist. Best known for his storytelling ability, Dom is applying pressure this year in 2022. After 2 years of waiting for his third installment, KINGDOM3 is finally released.  KINGDOM3 has appearances from  SamaraCyn, Malachiae, and Da Only Mo following his latest EP Back & Better. With Dom’s next three months being filled with radio interviews, video shoots, and his private listening tour, Dom has still found time in his busy schedule to work of his highly anticipated upcoming album. Dom wanted to surprise his fans with a project that highlights his life through all the failures and success he's experienced throughout the years. People are already comparing Dom 2 Timez to the great J.Cole with his lyrical style and Kanye West with his creative mindset with producing tracks.
Dom 2 Timez has been riding a wave of momentum as of late. As the independent artist geared up for his KINGDOM3 PRIVATE LISTENING TOUR, Dom had hit 4 different states playing KINGDOM3 in 4 different priavte lsitening. The following private listenings were held in AZ, IN, OH, & GA. Not only has the rapper been busy behind the scenes, Dom has been featured in  Shoutout Arizona, produced "Bars 3" by Action Pack,  and was recently featured on HiphHopCanada. These are just a few of the new milestones Dom has added to his already impressive resumé. Dom 2 Timez shows no signs of slowing down and plans to keep the momentum going with KINGDOM3. One thing about Dom is he doesn't shy away from talking about not being apart of a major label or having a team around to help him. Instead he embraces the moments of not having the huge support or backing. He literally does everything from producing his own tracks, shooting/editing his videos, graphic designing his merchandise, booking his shows, and even developing his own website. KINGDOM3 is available on all streaming platforms such as SoundcloudApple MusicSpotify and anywhere else KINGDOM3 can be found. This project is just an album & not a Deluxe for Dom 2 Timez, so if you are a fan, you haven’t heard anything just yet. Be on the lookout in the following months for the Deluxe release on www.Dom2Timez.com  

Connect w/ Dom2Timez


Sunday, March 27, 2022

[Video] Lil Jeezy "I'm A Baller"

The future of Hip-Hop is here; 8-year-old Lil Jeezy brings fresh sound to the table with hot new single


LAS VEGAS, NV – A fun track from a young new artist is lighting up the West Coast and causing quite a buzz among music industry insiders and fans alike. “I’m A Baller” is the debut single from 8-year-old rapper Lil Jeezy. The son of long-time songwriter and recording artist D’jon, Lil Jeezy has burst onto the scene with his own brand of hip-hop that showcases his fun, carefree style and entertaining performance. Written by his father, “I’m A Baller” is a fun, upbeat track that’s all about being good at basketball and football. Inspired by his love of sports, the song also features a short-film that showcases the young star chasing his dreams of being a professional athlete and putting in the work to achieve those dreams.  

“I love being active and competitive, and I love shooting the basketball,” Lil Jeezy said. “I like the same type of music as my dad, and I’ve grown up watching him record and produce music, so it’s fun for me being creative. I love telling a story with my lyrics.”  

Lil Jeezy’s father was an athlete and has been involved with music as a career for many years, but he’s never encouraged any of his children to follow in his footsteps. He’s been intentional about supporting them in whatever passion they choose to pursue, and for the most part those passions have been with athletics. But for his youngest son, the notion of making music is something that attracted him at a young age and when he was 6 years old he finally approached his father about creating a song together.  

“When he was 6 he just out of the blue was like, ‘Dad, I want to do a music video. Can we do it today?’” D’jon said. “I said, ‘Well, we need music first.’ So, we got some production from two-time Grammy-nominated producer DJ Vudu Spellz and I wrote the song. He’s been an athlete for the past couple of years, so when I asked him what he wanted the song about he said sports. When we got ready to record it, he had the whole thing memorized and he took direction very well, as far as vocal production, and he fell in love with the process and now wants to do even more songs.”  

D’jon says they’ve been working ever since on building a brand and plan for pursuing Lil Jeezy’s dreams moving forward. Part of that plan involves creating music videos that are more like short films than traditional music videos. That’s where the idea of creating a story called “Follow Your Dreams” came from – something that builds off the themes of Lil Jeezy’s debut song, but takes it further through video mediums and will continue in future videos.  

“It’s an inspirational story for kids,” D’jon said. “If there’s something you want to accomplish, put in the work and you can make it happen. With this first video it shows him hanging out with friends on a Saturday morning, and when the friends leave,he gets bored and so he picks up a basketball and he’s absolutely horrible. After a frustrating effort, he sits down on the ball and starts daydreaming. During the daydream he realizes his dream is to become a great basketball and football player. It’s as though, even at a young age, he is such a sports superstar that his games are nationally televised. He has fans and he even has haters. After the daydream is over, he asks his dad to teach him how to play basketball. Being that basketball was his first love, dad becomes elated at his son’s request. Then after months of hard work and dedication, he shows his growth from working hard and there are highlights from his first season ever playing, in which he is much better than he was when he first picks up the ball in the video. He’s a living example that hard work pays off.”  

Lil Jeezy is eager for new fans to check out his music and get a taste for the unique sound and style he’s bringing to the game. It’s been many years since there’s been a young artist like Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo in the game, and D’jon is certain Lil Jeezy will be able to fill that vacuum with an amazing natural talent. With songs and subject matter that comes straight from the mind of an 8-year-old, Lil Jeezy’s music is nothing short of fun and entertaining.

To listen to Lil Jeezy’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

I’m A Baller

Official “I’m A Baller” Music Video: https://youtu.be/5EU3ZHBLx4Q

Follow Your Dreams: I’m A Baller (short film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpN9RGKGtJY&t=12s

Lil Jeezy Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6ZIBiU5aBc

“I’m A Baller” on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/4dOtVfN9GIEHtjLhBC0jAj

“I’m A Baller” on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1583460473?ls=1&app=itunes


Social Media

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@liljeezy702

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liljeezy702

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LilJeezy702

Electronic Press Kit


For interviews and press

Contact Kristian Duncan

IG: @dgentertainment.1


O: 916-504-9850

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

[Video] Yung Lano 'Slidin'

Yung Lano Has Mainstream Success in His Sights for 2022

Following in the footsteps of successful musicians in his city, Yung Lano is intent on being up next to taste hip hop stardom.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts artist, Lano Soprano aka Yung Lanois a rapper on a mission to make it big in the industry. Since his adolescence coming up, he destined within himself to make it out from the trenches. That dream was set ablaze at the rise of musical artists like Joyner Lucas, BIA, and Millyz that paved the way for other young talents from the city of Boston,Massachusetts to make it big.
With the passion for greatness, Yung Lano practiced his craft, evolving it into his signature style of melodic sounds that encouraged listeners to become diehard fans. The seeds of music at the age of 18, flourished into the 26-year-old creative plotting a course to chart-topping success. Surrounded by a team of individuals that share his vision as an artist, Yung Lano has everything ready to push his brand and name to the world. His latest single, “Slidin,” uses his smooth melodic vocals over the melancholic thumping instrumental to create a song fans can vibe and connect with. The track is inspired by an emotionally charged concept of pain that reflects Yung Lano’s drive and hustle from where he first started to where he now stands. Yung Lano is only warming up and has a lot more heat in production. 2022 is about to see his career propelled into another level with song releases every month together with stunning visuals and quality distribution. Pay attention to the upcoming legend whose genius is limitless in potential. He has the talent, ambition, and charisma to realize every desire he plans on bringing to fruition.




Wednesday, February 16, 2022

[Video] Valerie Pascale - I Like The Way That[Video] Valerie Pascale - I Like The Way That

"I Like The Way That" is about someone who is in love with their best friend but is afraid to say it. They keep giving them signs or trying to show them that they are meant to be. The main questions are: There is some passion between us both, but is it something more than a simple attraction? Does the other person have feelings as well or is it all in my head? Should I give it a try or should I not ruin a perfect friendship?

Are they catching feelings too or are they simply being kind?

So many questions can remain unanswered between two people... Should we give it a try?

This song is about being somehow stuck in the scary so-called "friendzone". It isn't healthy for either side to remain friends with someone only in hope that they'll take us as their partner one day. We can't force love, it finds us.

Download/Stream: https://songwhip.com/valeriepascale/i-like-the-way-that Instagram: https://instagram.com/iam.valeriepascale

Sunday, February 13, 2022

[Video] Felycia Pendergrass "I'll Go"

As woman we go through so many phases of our life. Many times finding that we've lost a part of ourselves along the way because we're so busy with everyday life. With this particular project I wanted to embrace the side of myself I hadn't seen in a very long time. That side of me that was fun, free, fearless, dangerous and sensual. Wow and it felt so good feeling free to be me. I challenge all women to embrace all of themselves again. The woman you used to be combined with the woman you've become is unstoppable.

Contact Felycia Pendergrass