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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Did Jay-Z and Beyonce Purchase A $28 Million Dollar Car?


If you are JAY-Z and Beyonce and have a spare $28 million hanging around what do you do? How about buying a car. The Carters have reportedly commissioned the world’s most expensive car.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ford Recalls 660,000 Explorer SUVs


Thousands of Ford Explorer SUVs are being recalled over fears of their roof rail covers possibly detaching while driving, the U.S. automaker said in documents posted Sunday.

The recall covers 661,000 SUVs – 620,0483 of which were sold in the U.S. – with model years 2016 through 2019. The SUVs have silver, black and absolute black roof rail covers. Customers will be notified if their vehicle is under the recall the week of June 28.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Africa’s First Ever Continental Sports Car

Made in Nigeria and available in West Africa, Mallo’s company, Bennie Technologies Ltd., made history as the first Afro-centric sports car, Black Business reported.

The red luxury car, called the Bennie Purrie, is made out of recyclable material, making it eco-friendly. Instead of using materials like aluminum alloy or galvanized sheets to protect the car’s hood and exterior, the Bennie Purrie uses recycled fiberglass, also known as reinforced plastic.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

See Kim Kardashian's Custom Cadillac Escalade


Kim Kardashian is still a celebrity, but she seems to have pretty good taste in vehicles. Platinum Motorsport built this custom Cadillac Escalade Platinum ESV for her and showed it off on Instagram with photography from Paid2Shoot.

The Escalade gets a coat of KK Silver paint, which is likely a reference to Kardashian's initials, that has a satin finish. There's a mesh grille with a monochromatic Cadillac emblem. Platinum Motorsport lowered the suspension and filled out the fenders with 26-inch wheels. The windows are tinted.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Are You Ready For Flying Cars

USA Today is reporting, German car manufacturer Porsche is partnering with airplane maker Boeing to create a "premium urban air mobility vehicle," also known as a flying car.

As the two companies seek to develop a concept and better understand what the market for a flying vehicle might be in the coming years.

Boeing says that it is already laying the foundation for next-generation mobility in which "autonomous and piloted vehicles can safely coexist."

A 2018 Porsche study concluded that the flying-car market will take off by 2025, offering passengers new means of "terrestrial transport, at a lower cost and with greater flexibility."

Other startups like Massachusetts-based Alaka'i Technologies and Next Future Transportation have plans to launch flying car concepts into the clouds as early as 2020.

Earlier this year, Boeing successfully completed the first test of its prototype autonomous passenger air vehicle. It's unclear when this on-demand air transportation could become widely available.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

New Bently Flying Spur Luxury Grand Touring Sedan

The Flying Spur is powered by an enhanced version of Bentley’s 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12, mated to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission for what the marque promises to be faster and smoother gear changes.

Bentley Motors has revealed the all-new Flying Spur for 2020, the latest grand touring saloon by the British luxury marque. Unlike the car it replaces, this Flying Spur has both the chauffeured clientele and the driving enthusiast in mind with a design that combines limousine luxury and sports sedan performance.

The car features electronic all-wheel steering for the first time on a Bentley, coupled with active all-wheel drive and Bentley Dynamic Ride. New three-chamber air springs allow a much greater range of suspension adjustment between limousine-style ride comfort and sporting levels of body control.

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Inside Ferrari's New SF90 Stradale

Audi Reveals The AI:ME

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Inside Ferrari's New SF90 Stradale

Ferrari, one of the last bastions of petrol supremacy, has turned the corner on electrical motorvation and has giveth the sports car world a stunning plug-in hybrid supercar.

The new SF90 Stradale does indeed feature an obligatory turbo-charged V8 for its primary power source, but a 7.9kWh lithium-ion battery and three electric motors are also along for the ride, and will give owners of the sleek new machine an until now very un-Ferrari experience: over 20 miles of driving in all-electric silence.

The SF90 also isn't the first hybrid supercar by any stretch, with Porsche's 918 and the Koenigsegg Regera going electric at some level first. But it is a true first for Ferrari and without a doubt a harbinger of cars to come.

While the SF90 will feature the latest in gear-changing tech with a dual-clutch 8-speed gearbox, there's not going to be a mechanical reverse gear; that chore will be handled by the electric motors. Saves weight and simplifies things, according to Ferrari.

The car will also feature a new slate of multiple drive modes including the aforementioned electric only, along with a hybrid "eco" mode, and a full-power mode. The traditional red toggle ride mode selector is present on the steering wheel and Ferrari has even paid homage to the hallowed gated shifter with a central set of control switches set in the familiar pattern.

Inside, the SF90 appears to be a comfortable spot to command all that power, and the cockpit is festooned with touch screens for all manner of duties, including both a highly configurable 16-inch command center behind the wheel and a Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects pertinent information into the windshield.

The SF90's exterior design is striking and softly geometric, and from above, the rear section somewhat (ironically) recalls the Ford GT's split "wing" design.

Price? Not specified just yet but seeing as how this will be their halo car and it's packed with every new technology Ferrari can muster, a seven-digit number is not out of the question. But think of how much you'll save on gas!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Audi Reveals The AI:ME

To be revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show this week, this is a progressive car; it is electrically-driven and comes with the next-level four autonomous driving.

Designed for the megacities of the near future, the AI:ME is compact, yet spacious and has a futuristic interior with a great deal of advanced technology.

Audi is looking at the future of urban mobility with its latest concept car, the AI:ME. The AI:ME is only 4.30 meters long and 1.90 meters wide, yet the wheelbase is 2.77 meters and it sits relatively high at 1.52 meters to help create a relatively roomy interior space.

While Audi feels only the individual seats at the front will be mostly used during most journeys, this little urban runaround offers space for up to four people in the front and on the rear bench.

The car marque is using strategies and technologies from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning so the AI cars combine vehicle intelligence, which makes automated driving possible. Audi says its AI systems are capable of learning and thinking, as well as being proactive and personal.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mercedes Premiers Two New Coupes

Mercedes is showing off two redesigned coupes at this week’s New York International Auto Show.

The CLA-Class is Mercedes’ most affordable coupe, based on the redesigned Mercedes A-Class. Launched in 2013, the CLA-Class preceded the A-Class as Mercedes’ entry-level model in the U.S. market, with a starting price of under $30,000 at launch. Sales have declined since the peak of 29,643 units in 2015 to 22,556 last year.

The new CLA 35 is the faster, more exciting version of the entry-level coupe, tuned by the company’s AMG performance division. It makes 305 horsepower from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which routes power to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The GLC coupe — a fastback version of the company’s GLC SUV — also receives a fresh interior with MBUX integration. The new model, which premiers in New York, is a refreshed version of the GLC coupe that debuted for the 2017 model year.

The GLC coupe receives updated lights, a restyled diffuser, a new interior color and an updated engine. While the current GLC 300 coupe offers 241 horsepower from its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the updated motor will produce 255 horsepower.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lamborghini Covered In Two Million Swarovski Crystals

London has become the global parade ground for extreme and extremely tricked-out methods of conveyance. The "wrapped" and/or customized Paganis, Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are cheek-by-jowl in the town pretty much year round by now, amassing millions in parking fines to the delight of the traffic wardens and the police, but otherwise appearing in such numbers that it has become quite difficult for the owners to find a way for their beloved automobiles to stand out from the flock.

The elite car-customizing body-shop chosen for the Aventador work, the aptly-named Cars In Cloaks, was only too pleased to put in the approximately 700 man-hours over two months to apply the tiny crystals to the sleek outer surfaces of the rare Italian stallion. This Aventador is a Superveloce version of the V12, just 600 of which were built.

Once Ms. Radionova took her Aventador public last weekend, they—Cars In Cloaks—issued the following gender-blending statement to the London tabloids, whose paparazzi were breathlessly following Ms. Radionova on her shopping rounds through the obligatory Sloane-Ranger neighborhood of Knightsbridge: “If Bruce Wayne were a girl, this would be his car.”

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Friday, March 15, 2019

The Robot That Parks Your Car

The future of robots are beginning to take its course. The autonomous electric-powered bot is named Stan. The company says that in a standard parking lot, a Stan could create 50 percent more parking spaces by placing cars more efficiently.

In the promotion video, a human driver pulls into a parking stall and sets their car upon a kind of towable platform. One they take off, Stan comes along. It hooks onto the platform and tows the car to a different part of the lot, packing it in tightly beside a bunch of other vehicles.

The company also says that a Stan robot could reduce "CO2 emissions by eliminating passenger vehicle traffic on parking lots." The company touts its green bonafides by saying that it is has won an Airport Carbon Accreditation, meaning that it offsets emissions within the airport itself.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Free Tesla Model 3 Give Away

Software hacking competition Pwn2Own has included the Tesla Model 3 sedan among its categories. Once hacked, a winner can take home the car for free.

“We look forward to learning about and rewarding great work in Pwn2Own so that we can continue to improve our products and our approach,” he said, hinting that after the contest, improvements in Tesla’s vehicles can be expected.

Generally, the hacking competition wants the contestants to operate the Tesla Model 3 from their own unrelated devices through codes, hacking or any malicious software. Alternatively, the persistence and CAN bus categories focuses on consistently stopping the car from rebooting its software or getting total control of the sedan’s CAN bus, which is the car’s computer system. The exact car model that the hackers can win will be a Tesla Model 3 mid-range, rear-wheel drive vehicle.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that they’ll discontinue the lower-end versions of Model S and X. Additionally, Musk also said that they’ll be able to do the SpaceX test launches around February or March.

Currently, the spaceship projects are undergoing tests to optimize which engines and parts would work well for the test flight. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see who’ll win the free Tesla Model 3 car and what other projects Musk will unveil in the coming months.

Moreover, the free Tesla Model 3 will be rewarded to the first-round winner in hacking the car. So far, the categories in hacking the Tesla sedan are:

Modem or Tuner
Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Gateway, Autopilot or VCSEC
Autopilot, Denial of Service
Key Fobs or Phone-as-Key

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The 2015 Honda Accord Sport Is The Best Gift For Christmas

Just three months ago, Lima, Ohio rapper secured his long time girlfriend and loan that agrees to pay for her new 2015 Honda Accord. Through my observation, "the Honda is the one to be driving in. I love it."

"There is no other vehicle to drive! With easy connects to multiple devices and great handling on the steering wheel, this car has became the best gift for the future wife of Gansta Marcus."

In his wife words: "The car is very spacious, it is roomy to be considered a small big. Bigger is better and that's what the Accord have. The payments are for and worth dealing with. With your mobile app, everything is set up quick to be processed."

So if your thinking of a new gift for your wife this Christmas and it's in the car area, this the Honda Accord is whats subjected. With a great payment plan, Capital One so far has the best to offer.

The 2015 Honda Accord is ranked #5 in 2015 Affordable Midsize Cars.

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Gansta Marcus Gifts Daughter SUV For Thanksgiving

Loving My Audi A6

Friday, November 23, 2018

Loving My Audi A6

Rapper Gansta Marcus is proud to announce that he has pulled up in the hood with his first Audi. Although many people have reported that this car has given them many problems, the Audi is a great look and ride for me.

My 2005 Audi A6 is one of the dream cars I always dreamed of. Next to the 1999 Lincoln Continental, The Audi is a drug dealers dream. The 2005 Audi A6 deserves serious consideration by anyone shopping for a luxurious sports sedan in its price range.

The Typ 4F Audi A6 was released in 2004. Designed by Satoshi Wada in 2001, this model is visually an evolution of the C5, but was lengthened to 4,927 millimetres (194.0 in), and has the new Audi "single-frame grille".

The Audi A6 3.2 FSI is a saloon (sedan) with 4 doors and a front mounted powerplant which supplies the power to the front wheels. The A6 3.2 FSI forms part of Audi's C6 family of cars. Its 3.1 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, double overhead camshaft, 6 cylinder that has an output of 251.5 bhp.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cadillac Returning Back To Michigan

Cadillac will relocate is headquarters back to Detroit from New York City. Cadillac moved its HQ to New York under former boss Johan de Nysschen. Cadillac on Wednesday confirmed that the automaker has decided to relocate the luxury brand's headquarters back to Michigan.

Detroit is great, but it can be an echo chamber, especially in a company as large and storied as General Motors. The problem is that Cadillac still relies heavily on Detroit.

Cadillac is returning its global headquarters to metro Detroit after three years in New York's upscale SoHo neighborhood. The move contradicts General Motors' stated plans in the near future.

A GM spokesman confirmed that Cadillac will move to a location near GM’s technical center in Warren, Mich., north of Detroit. A probable location would be the former headquarters of longtime GM ad agency partner Lowe Campbell Ewald in Warren, Mich., north of Detroit. GM bought the 150,000-square-foot building for $2 million in 2014.

"The move will place the Cadillac brand team closer to those responsible for the new Cadillacs, including design, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing, ensuring full integration of Cadillac's global growth strategy."

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Putin Limousine

Putin arrived in the Finnish capital on Monday for his first face-to-face with Trump. Amongst the lighter topics of conversation between the two presidents may well be the comparison of their respective state cars: Trump’s Cadillac dubbed ‘The Beast’ and Putin’s Aurus Senat limo.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is in Helsinki to meet with US counterpart Donald Trump, is using the occasion to showcase Russia’s new Aurus limo, the state car designed as part of a new luxury brand.

The Russian limos were delivered to Finland last week on an Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane, according to local media. It’s the first public appearance of the Aurus brand outside Russia.

The new car line was developed as part of a project called Kortezh (“motorcade” in Russian). In addition to the limousine, the Aurus line includes a sedan, also called Senat, as well as a minivan named Arsenal, and a 4x4 car called Komendant. The cars are expected to enter the market next year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rear-View Cameras Now Required On All New Vehicles

This just in from Bing! The 2008 federal regulation requiring rear-view cameras and video displays, which safety advocates say will help prevent accidents, took full effect Wednesday May 5 2018.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Drive a New Mercedes-Benz Every Month @MercedesBenz

BMW announced the pilot launch of “Access,” a new subscription service that gives users unlimited access to its fleet of luxurious cars. For just $2,000 a month, users will get access to the X5 SUV, 4 Series, and 5 Series sedans, including all of its plug-in hybrid versions.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Car Vending Machine

It’s finally here, the giant ‘car vending machine’ once was a fantasy is now a reality and it is open for business in China. Ford and Alibaba teamed up to design a massive machine, located in Guangzhou, China, and offers a variety of vehicles for three-day test drives. The five-story contraption, which holds 42 vehicles in all, is essentially a Ford-branded garage with rotating platforms, similar in design to parking garages commonly seen in Japanese cities and other countries in Asia.

You have to pay via an app before turning up to collect the car from the vending machine labelled the “Super Test-drive Center.”

So this how it works, you simply browse the app for the car you’d like to take out for a spin and then take a selfie. This enables the vending machine’s facial recognition technology to confirm your booking, and presumably also gives the cops a decent image to work with if you fail to return the car.

When you arrive at the Super Test-drive Center, you’ll need to tap on the digital display so the machine can match your face with your car selection. No, the car doesn’t drop into a tray like a regular vending machine. The machinery grinds into action, with your chosen vehicle brought down to ground level in just a few minutes. The system lets you test up to two cars consecutively, which ensures you don’t end up “test driving” Ford cars for life rather than making an actual purchase. But if you have a decent credit score, calculated according to previous Alipay transactions, you can try out the cars for free. Otherwise you’ll have to pay a fee, though exactly how much isn’t immediately clear.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Self Driving Car Service Coming Soon

They about to get ready to cut Taxi drivers out of a job! GM plans to get its autonomous cars driving commercially around cities by 2019. That’s according to a presentation posted on the automaker’s website, which stated that at its current rate, GM expects “commercial launch at scale” to happen after next year.

That includes commercial use for both item delivery and passenger carrying. The latter could refer to the autonomous taxi fleet of Bolt EVs GM plans to launch in 2018, which its preparing for with additional testing. The could offer its own service as well, given how much things have cooled between GM’s autonomous Cruise division and Lyft.)