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Monday, April 18, 2022

David Shine Is Taking Comedy by Storm | @IamDavidShine

David Shine has been in the comedy game for quite some time now and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. If you ever want to get to know what all of his comedy skills have to offer, we suggest tapping into his music. He released his 15-track album Slow N*gga Melodies and it's hilarious and entertaining. Since his career began, he has found himself on national television and doing stand up comedy from time to time. His talent even got him on MTV’s Wild 'N Out season 14! He also performed at major comedy clubs in the country. He has plenty of viral music videos on the internet but you can check out a few of them here! Also, stream his music on all platforms! Social media Instagram- @IamDavidshine Twitter- IamDavidShine Facebook-

New Mixtape on the way from MGE The Label

Record label MGE is coming for everything they deserve. Since 2013, they've been going hard to earn their throne as a powerhouse bound to get DMV music acts heard. While MGE is home to household names such as rappers Fat Trel and Z-Wayne, their label boasts talented young artists on the rise NSC Kai, MGE Gizzle and 23Rackzs as well. It's been a long time coming but in the year of 2022, it's going to be difficult for anyone not to hear about the label. They are releasing a mixtape this month and it is executive produced by DC native Kidd Slopes and the label’s CEO Hugo Squirle. Many visuals are on the way to accompany the release and you can expect tracks like “Z-Rade,” “Yasmine’s Story,” and “BlackTruck Vibes" to be featured. You can also expect a documentary as well. Check out some tracks below! IG: @MGE_TheLabel

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

[Video] Yung Lano 'Slidin'

Yung Lano Has Mainstream Success in His Sights for 2022

Following in the footsteps of successful musicians in his city, Yung Lano is intent on being up next to taste hip hop stardom.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts artist, Lano Soprano aka Yung Lanois a rapper on a mission to make it big in the industry. Since his adolescence coming up, he destined within himself to make it out from the trenches. That dream was set ablaze at the rise of musical artists like Joyner Lucas, BIA, and Millyz that paved the way for other young talents from the city of Boston,Massachusetts to make it big.
With the passion for greatness, Yung Lano practiced his craft, evolving it into his signature style of melodic sounds that encouraged listeners to become diehard fans. The seeds of music at the age of 18, flourished into the 26-year-old creative plotting a course to chart-topping success. Surrounded by a team of individuals that share his vision as an artist, Yung Lano has everything ready to push his brand and name to the world. His latest single, “Slidin,” uses his smooth melodic vocals over the melancholic thumping instrumental to create a song fans can vibe and connect with. The track is inspired by an emotionally charged concept of pain that reflects Yung Lano’s drive and hustle from where he first started to where he now stands. Yung Lano is only warming up and has a lot more heat in production. 2022 is about to see his career propelled into another level with song releases every month together with stunning visuals and quality distribution. Pay attention to the upcoming legend whose genius is limitless in potential. He has the talent, ambition, and charisma to realize every desire he plans on bringing to fruition.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Schyler O’Neal - IOU

Well known producer steps out from behind the scenes to drop impressive debut single ‘IOU’ 

LONG BEACH, CA – Schyler O’Neal is a name you’re going to want to know about. 

Having served behind the scenes as a producer for many years – most significantly as the developer of the primitive sound for fast-rising young artist Giveon (who was featured on Drake’s new album “Certified Lover Boy”) – O’Neal is now ready to bring his impressive talents to the forefront with his latest single “IOU” 

Showcasing an impressive fusion of R&B and Pop vibes, “IOU” brings the kind of high-quality production value that will immediately make audiences sit up and pay attention. From the opening notes there’s no questions that O’Neal is an artist who means business and who has the kind of talent and experience to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. He’s destined to rise above the crowded industry and stand out in ways that will have global audiences clamoring for more.  

“What makes people unique is when they discover how to express who they are as a person,” O’Neal said. “Everyone has their own unique personality, and I started to discover how to reflect my personality through my music. The style of it and the musicality  shows it. I’m into the craft of songwriting and music production. I think my sound can be appreciated across multiple generations. There are things I draw from older music that inspires me, but there’s also a lot that inspires me from newer trends. Ultimately I think I’ve found something that’s true to me and doesn’t feel forced, and this song is a good combination of who I am and what I can do.” 

O’Neal said “IOU” is about a relationship that ends when one person decides to leave without any warning. You don’t want them to leave, but after they do you later realize they did you a favor. The story of the song will be reinforced by a video that also showcases O’Neal’s dedication to high quality production. As the video follows O’Neal from the end of the relationship to the year afterward when his life gets better, fans will be immediately drawn into the imagery and impressed by the amazing visuals. And as the song comes to a climax, the video invites viewers into a mansion with a big party.  

“It’s a fun track, but it’s also a song that shows my vulnerability as an artist,” O’Neal said. “The concept of what I’m talking about is current, and I’m still feeling the effects of that last relationship. I want people to sense that vulnerability. If I tell my story in its truest form, people who have similar stories can relate to it. But even with this heartbreak type of vibe, the song is upbeat, and I think people will be really grooving to this song. There’s a juxtaposition of joy and vulnerability. And more than anything it’s a way to let people see who I am as a person and find a way to genuinely connect with me.” 

O’Neal said “I.O.U.” should drop in early October, and that he’s already in development with other singles that could land before the end of the year.