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Monday, April 3, 2023

(Article) Meet The Infamous Producer Luminess Beats | @LuminessBeats

Luminess Beats, also known as Iz Dat Luminess, is a one of a kind producer that has been perfecting his craft for over 7 years now. Luminess Beats was originally started in 2015. Having lived in Los Angeles most of his life he had also lived in NY for a couple of yours. Therefore, Luminess Beats has versatile influence in hip hop, boom bap, drill, & trap type beats. Equipped with a heavy kick and crisp snare, he dominates the drums to another level. Luminess Beats recently stated that “music is his language.” In 5 years, he sees himself as a well known producer in the industry. Having mentors like Dr. Dre & Scott Storch, his creativity is endless. Luminess Beats is far from done, proving his success as an independent producer in the music industry. Luminess Beats said that he isn’t after the clout or money, but he is more after the respect and legacy he can leave for the younger generation coming up under him. He is simply a go-getter and a dream chaser fighting to be successful by any means necessary. Luminess Beats knows what it takes to make it in the industry and definitely has what it takes. He has many new projects in the works and he cannot wait to show them to his supporters. He always makes sure to give credit where due, which separates him from most producers in the industry today. Luminess Beats has started his producer journey by networking with individuals on different social platforms. He is staying busy and being published nationwide in articles. From magazines to news sites, he is taking over the industry day by day and making it look very easy. Luminess Beats is on the path to success and he’s never going to look back. Be sure to follow Luminess Beats on all social media platforms and be on the lookout for new beats coming very soon. You don’t want to miss out on anything he’s putting together or releasing, because he’s on a true roll to be the best, next up producer!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Island Wave Releases Their Live Set from Music Matters Singapore | @izaislandwave @Kalpeemusic

Kalpee and fellow Caribbean musicians Rys Thompson and Kwami Morrison lit up the stage at Music Matters Live in Singapore. Island Wave is Kalpee’s label dedicated to highlighting the music of Caribbean artists on a global scale. Through the creation of Caribbean stages at music festivals such as SXSW and Music Matters, funded travel opportunities for Caribbean artists, and awareness campaigns, Kalpee hopes to bring the music of the West Indies to the forefront of the international music scene. Kalpee’s recent performance at Music Matters in Singapore showcases the joyful, energetic, celebration that always occurs when Island Wave comes through. The recorded set captures Kalpee dancing through the audience, cheering on his electric guitarist Kwami, and offering up inspirational words of wisdom to the crowd in between tracks. Kalpee magnetizes the room with his unreleased, cathartic new single “Breathe” at the center of his set. He engages the audience by taking a deep breath together followed by a mesmerizing guitar solo from Kwami Morrison. Kalpee’s lyrics reflect his deep love for his home in Trinidad and Tobago, and desire to push Caribbean music to the surface to share the magic of the West Indies with the world. Kalpee sings, “Long days we sat by the ocean. Face up, feel the breeze on the coast.” Kalpee’s set at Music Matters in Singapore is a must-watch blissful release of global love and communal joy. After an incredible reception in Singapore, Island Wave was offered to host the very first Caribbean stage the following year at Music Matters Live 2023. Additionally, Island Wave will return to SXSW in 2023 to host a lineup of more than 30 different Caribbean musicians. Kalpee is delighted to share his passion for music of the West Indies across the globe and uplift other artists who share his love by giving them a stage to stand on.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

2LIT prepares to take stage with Pradda Jay & Friends | @adrian2lit_

Coming soon to Long Beach, California is one of the hottest shows of the year. S.S.O.M. is presenting Pradda Jay with a bevvy of accompanying talent. 2LIT, one of the artists booked for the ticket is set to make his stage debut. "This will be my first performance and I'm excited to deliver what I've been creating I've been on a stage before but now the attention is all on me. So I feel like I'll feel at home, Since I've gained experience from observing my fellow peers." In regards to how he and Pradda Jay developed a relationship, 2LIT said the following: "I met Pradda Jay through one of homies "Youni". Youni has helped produce and aid Prada jay in his music career. So when me and youni started booking studio sessions in. Pradda Jay found his way into the studio with us and from there we've been tied ever since." 2LIT has more in store after the upcoming show as well. During the month of October, he is coming with 2 singles and a mixtape. Then the following months will contain singles, some collabs, and more music videos for his fans.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Who Is Mobbin101? (Article)

Mobbin101 is a California recording artist that believes in himself therefore, he accomplishes everything he puts his mind to. He has a passion for making classics and dropping songs based on hustling, ambition, love, and faith. When describing the meaning of his name he reveals its lifestyle. His definition of mob is making a way throughout any circumstance and staying consistent. The artist and entrepreneur displays his consistent and determined styles by always dropping new music. In the year of 2021, Mobb dropped around 10 singles and this year he dropped 8. He is always in the studio being a mastermind and pulling from his good, bad, and ugly life experiences.  We dropped some of his latest tracks below and we want you to dive into his creative genius known as his music. Don't forget to follow him on Instagram as well.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Island Wave Releases SXSW Show Highlights In Search of Another Caribbean Artists to Join This Year’s Lineup | @izaislandwave

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Kalpee pioneers the ‘Island Wave’ movement, the first ever Caribbean stage at SXSW dedicated to giving artists from the West Indies a platform to highlight their heritage and engage with the international music scene. For its first year at SXSW, ‘Island Wave’ brought 31 Caribbean artists to Austin., Texas for an unforgettable performance at The Flamingo Cantina. The set at ‘Island Wave’ was led by master of ceremony, dancehall and reggae legend Ras Kwame (Reggae Recipe/ Capital XTRA Radio), and featured performances from artists such as Kalpee, Nailah, Blackman, Tessellated, Jimmy October, Freetown Collective, and Jaz Elise. ‘Island Wave’ brought a record breaking crowd to The Flamingo Cantina and SXSW was proud to announce the continuation of ‘Island Wave’ for the upcoming 2023 circuit and beyond. ‘Island Wave’ is not only a sublime showcase of Caribbean culture, but also, an opportunity to address pressing issues such as a lack of resources and funding for the creative arts throughout the West Indies. Through ‘Island Wave,’ Kalpee has created a groundbreaking genre known as ‘New Calypso’ with the purpose of identifying and celebrating Caribbean heritage through music. To bring as many artists as possible out to SXSW this year, ‘Island Wave’ has partnered with Music TT and the Jamaican Tourist Board to highlight as many artists as possible. With the show highlights release, ‘Island Wave’ highly anticipates an incredible sophomore circuit and is looking for another Carribean artist to join the lineup. “Make sure yuh come vibe with us, Cuz yuh kno it gwan be ah Island Wave!”

Friday, August 26, 2022

Indy label Pyramid Gang Entertainment Inks deal with Dallas Austin Distribution/Symphonic | @Jahmirrissmith @Pyramidgangent

One of music’s new young record executives Jahmirris Smith unveiled his label Pyramid Gang Entertainment’s new distribution deal with the with the legendary super producer/songwriter Dallas Austin’s new imprint Dallas Austin Distribution which is in partnered with Symphonic Distribution as of 2021. Pyramid Gang Entertainment is one of Alabama’s top Indy labels that’s about to run the new sound of R&B says Jahmirris, this company has expanded after the pandemic and we no longer can put music out through smaller distributors anymore.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Who Is Michael Harbut? The Man Who Wears Many Hat | @Bottom2thatop (Article)

Michael Harbut: Why should you work with this multi-talented artist? Michael Harbut is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and author, among other things. He has worked as an actor, movie producer, music video director and producer, celebrity booking agent, music industry adviser, public speaker, and entrepreneur. In the years between 2008 and 2022, he worked in shadows in the film, television, and music industries. He has collaborated with a wide array of people, including company owners, actors, actresses, musicians, entrepreneurs, brands, celebrities, investors, big record labels, independent record labels, production firms, producers, politicians, and directors. He also collaborated with NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, ATP, NASCAR, Boxing, and other elite sportsmen. He has experience working with a wide range of clients, including startups, Fortune 500 firms, tech startups, and more. Although he was born in Ohio, he spent his formative years in both his hometown and various locations across the Golden State. While he was growing up, he shuttled me back and forth between Compton and Oakland, California, and Dayton, Ohio. In Dayton, Ohio, he attended Meadowdale High School for one year (the ninth grade). When he was cut from the freshman basketball team, he decided to drop out of school. For this reason, he skipped the first two and a half years of high school and then enrolled at Belmont High School, where he played varsity basketball for a single year. After that, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) informed him that he could no longer play high school basketball under the Clair Muscaro OHSAA's jurisdiction. So he moved away from Ohio to go to Redemption Christian Academy, a prep school in Troy, New York. His teammate Lamar Odom went on to win an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers and play for several more teams. He had to return to Ohio when his time at Redemption Christian Academy ended owing to commitments with his family there. Later, he completed his education at Belmont High School in Dayton, Ohio. He enrolled at Central State University and spent a year there after finishing high school. When he was done with his studies at Central State University, he transferred to Clark State Community College to play basketball and earn his Associate of Arts degree in Elementary Education. He then attended Upper Iowa University, where he played college basketball and received a bachelor's degree in business marketing. After finishing college, he stayed at Wells Fargo Financial through 2008. He left following the 2008 market and housing collapse. He then embarked on a journey of discovery, moving from place to place in search of work and a new identity. Later, he decided to start Bottom2thatop Entertainment which is a multi-entity company. He was the CEO and co-founder of Global Music Distribution, Music Royalty Financing, IAM Feeling Good CBD and Hemp Company, Hoops and Vacation, Authentic Digital Marketing, Jetsetters Booking Agency, Linked Management, Solar Energy ASAP, Bottom2thatop Records, Authentic Creative Marketing. Jetsetters Marketing & Management Group Worldwide TM, and a few more companies are all under his leadership and direction. Furthermore, he and his son Michael Anderson have published more than fifty children's books and have plans to publish an autobiography in addition to a number of works of fiction, novels, and nonfiction. This man splits his time between the cities of Miami, California, and Las Vegas.From when he was 7 years old till he was 23 years old, he played basketball, and it is his favorite sport. He was a player at every level from the Amateur Athletic Union through High School to Prep School to College. It's been a long time since he last picked up a basketball, and that was in college. His original goal in life was to become a professional basketball player for the NBA, but since that didn't work out, he's moved on to pursue other passions in the arts, including business, entertainment, and music. Over the course of his career, he has collaborated with numerous companies, including Jordan Tower Films, Worldstarhiphop, Universal Music Group, Livenation, ICM, Willaim Morris, CAA, Def Jam Records, MMP, New Money Twinz, Artest Media Group, and more. He has faith in Allah, and he loves his mom, his kids, his family, his friends, his team, and his coworkers. His message is, "Never give up and always put Allah first." What doesn't destroy you makes you stronger, he adds. With Allah's help and your own determination, you may accomplish anything. Keep your mind on the task at hand, and learn to appreciate yourself, your fellow man, and your existence. Stick to the established norms. Knowledge and love, in the name of Allah, are potent weapons.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Shalaine Powell the Name Behind the Brand S.Yvonne Presents | @Its_Syvonne

In 2012, Shalaine Powell entered the literary world by writing her first book Karma’s Destruction. She self-published Karma’s Destruction via Outskirts Press in early 2015. S.Yvonne was later signed under the Bankroll Squad Umbrella to David Weaver Presents. She dropped her very first series in 2016 and has written over seventy books and counting since then. S.Yvonne became an independent author in 2019 and has continuously earned Amazon’s orange banner for best-selling urban fiction books. As a result, she graciously accepted her new title as a National Best-Selling Author. That same year she spread her wings even more by relaunching her independent publishing company S.Yvonne Presents. S.Yvonne Presents currently has a roster of twenty-seven authors. She has definitely made a name for herself and her brand in the urban fiction industry while crossing off personal goals along the way. Though, S.Yvonne is a household name in the urban fiction world, she is still Shalaine a very kind, down-to-earth, humble, and genuine soul. S.Yvonne goes extremely hard for her brand and even harder for her authors as well. She does not mind extending help and knowledge to others whether it is another author, publisher or someone looking to get their foot wet in the industry. S.Yvonne also began hosting her Annual Miami Urban Book Expo in 2019. This event brings authors, publishers, vendors, readers, and supporters together under one roof. The events have a remarkable turn-out and they increase each year. She frequently travels on yearly book tours to various states interacting with readers and supporters from all over the world. Smiling bright in pictures or signing books she does it effortlessly as personally thanks everyone who stops by her table even if it is just to speak. Instagram: authoress_s.yvonne Facebook: Author S.Yvonne Powell/Author S.Yvonne Twitter: Its_syvonne URL:

Monday, June 13, 2022

One of the Hottest Upcoming Artist Mere

Mere is young and heating up the streets already! If this artist ever hops on your track, you can expect it to be a hit instantly. He knows how to be soulful but also adds something special to trap sounds. His popularity is growing by the day and his vocals are high in demand. He gives a real feeling with his music and he gives every track his all. He has collaborated with Trickdaddy, Spotemgottem, Mikesmiff and more! Currently living in Miami, Mere started pursuing his career as an artist in 2020. His love for music keeps him going and his creativity is high. His songs are uplifting while demonstrating his excellent storytelling capabilities. As we wait for the new music on the day, check out some of his tracks below!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Rocky Lee: CEO of Independent Record Label Million Dollar Music

Born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Rocky Lee is a young, serial entrepreneur and owner of Million Dollar Music Record Label, who's the music industry’s go-to business mogul behind the scenes. People are naturally attracted to him due to his charismatic and vibrant personality. From a very young age, Rocky was very interested in music and wanted to work in the business. He knew to be a respected figure that failure would never be an option. His passion for music is different than most - he has an ear for talent like no other. Starting his career as a DJ at 18 years old and finding much success, Rocky Lee was inspired to start his label and has produced and developed several talented artists over the years. Surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, Rocky has become well connected as a self-made label that invests in upcoming talent in NYC. "Money doesn’t make a boss, actions do” - Rocky Lee Alone, he has successfully invested hundreds of thousands in backing upcoming talent, coordinating the right teams to elevate careers, and funding tours. With multiple business ventures generating millions annually, not only has he successfully changed artists’ lives forever, but Mr. Lee has given back to the community by conducting giveaways to giving back to those in need including his loyal 120k+ fanbase on Instagram. Mr. Lee's accomplishments have been featured on websites like This is 50, Hip-Hop Vibe.com, and Net News Ledger. Motivated by his children, who are his number one supporters, Rocky Lee is quickly becoming a household name and a leader for the youth. He proves that hard work, passion, and dedication is all you need to accomplish your dreams! Follow Rocky Lee on Instagram @Rockylee_ for updates.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thouxanbanfauni Announces New Project "Forever Figueroa 2" | @Thouxanbanfauni

ATL rap icon Thouxanbanfauni is always keeping new music coming. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Fauni continues to prove what makes him king in the music world. In 2021, he dropped three projects so it's safe to assume he's going to keep that same energy in 2022. He begins the flood of dope music with his new project that's on the way titled “Forever Figueroa II.” Fauni made the announcement via Instagram and Twitter with the tracklist and a mention that there are no features. Prepare for elite production and hard-hitting tracks! The exact release date has not been announced yet but for now, check out his latest visual and tracklist.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Trust BurnEM’ & Tah O announce their new project "New Age Black Tribe"

Trust BurnEM’ and Tah O join forces for their new joint project “New Age Black Tribe”. The LP comes as the first installment in their “The Nomadz” Universe series. Described as an album for the unit of dreamers, the sound is palpable from the beginning. From the instant hype of Track 1 “Okay” to the infinite depth of track 7 “Black”. Energies and synchronies manifested in metaphors and innuendos with BPM for all ears of music. A team of Producers with the styling of EDM/HIPHOP/R&B infused on this project set the tone immediately and don’t release pressure of the pedal. From the likes of Stevi Young, Syce Productions, Veniice and Darren Rymar. Trust BurnEM’ and Tah O really put their foot on the neck of every song. Features come from Nomadz Universe members also include Stevi Young and Negro Suave. Check out the pre-save link below and be sure to stream (https://m.soundcloud.com/kumar-jones-10995725/sets/new-age-black-tribe/s-JBa7Cxesg7Q) when it’s released on February 22nd.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Konfessions of an Uprising Female artist Laniyah West + First Breakout Female artist to Headline KOD Miami | @LaniyahWestt @outdagateent

Konfessions of an Uprising Female artist, Laniyah Westt: iTunes charting, gifting fans with NFT,  latest single “Money Conversation” &the first breakout female artist to headline a show at KOD Miami. Success is not given, it is earned. Laniyah Westt is earning every success that is coming her way. After taking a few months off, the new breakout artist out of West Orlando is steadily perfecting her craft. Florida is known for mainstreaming a new class of rappers. Laniyah has set a path of her own. Laniyah is the first breakout artist to headline a live performance at the world famous strip club KOD Miami. Laniyah Westt single “Money Conversation”  made it to the top 30 on the iTunes Apple Music chart. On this single, you can hear Laniyah delivering ominous bars about her life that resonate to her listeners. Knowing her fans are the main driving force within her success, Laniyah gifted NFTs to the first 25 fans that pre-saved her new single "Money Conversations." It is clear that Laniyah Westt is only getting started and 2022 has a lot in store for the music industry.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Article: V-LO The Maestro The Superstar | @vlosworld

It feels like quite some time ago since V-LO The Maestro released his debut album titled "The Vision". Since then he has gone on an absolute tear in this industry. From going viral on YouTube to starring in movies he has exceeded all expectations. After becoming a 2-time college graduate and receiving his MBA college degree he has reached new heights and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. He will be making his executive film producer debut in 2022 for his new upcoming film production with his MG Films & Television brand. V-LO The Maestro's music video for "Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2" reached over one million views on YouTube. His song is dedicated to his hometown Washington, Louisiana. All the DJs fell in love with the record. DJ Flex of Kiss 98.7 in Alexandria, Louisiana began spinning "Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2" in his radio rotation on Kiss 98.7. Kiss 98.7 is one of the biggest radio stations in Louisiana for Hip-Hop and R&B. Several big name music artists such as Da Baby, Lil Baby, and Cardi B are also played on this station. And now V-LO The Maestro joins that list of big name music artists also played on Kiss 98.7. V-LO The Maestro's song "Tipsy" featuring Kevin Gates will always be an all-time classic. It has become Maestro's signature song in the industry. 95.1 The Beat in Meridian, Mississippi is known for playing some of the best music in the south. DJ Jigga JT of 95.1 The Beat placed "Tipsy" into his regular radio rotation down in Meridian, Mississippi. 95.1 The Beat is Mississippi's premiere radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B. The hook on "Tipsy" by Kevin Gates and the verses by V-LO The Maestro makes this a song you'll never forget. V-LO The Maestro will become a Hall of Fame Inductee Award Honoree this year at the Spoken Red Honors Awards. Maestro seems to get better with everything that he does as time progresses and he has become a bonafide superstar.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Misty Oaks Paxton (@TheSpiritualAt1) Releases Her Debut Book "Focus"

Misty Oaks Paxton is a first time author taking people on a much needed journey in her book "FOCUS". She is an attorney but her focus is to counsel her clients on universal, spiritual, and metaphysical laws. She shares her knowledge on this as she is a certified meditation and mindfulness coach. "FOCUS" is set to redirecting the magnifying glass of your life to live the life of your dreams. Aside from her book that is available now, you can find her different services on her website. She provides energy work, tarot card readings, and coaching. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and to raise the vibration of the planet. Head to www.thespiritualattorney.com for the book!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Boaz BagBag Expanded His Brand and Bring Hope To Where It's Needed

New York City based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Boaz BagBag has established another new business. He’s been able to create funding for the business with the help of some investors from Wall Street. So far Boaz has been able to obtain a good amount of start-up funding for his latest business endeavor. Always a smart businessman, Boaz has clearly put together a solid business plan for the company. And more importantly, others can also see his vision and are willing to support it. The first round of funding being issued out for the company will be in the amount of $50 million. This round of funding will only be used for the car rentals, the deliveries, and the fleet operations. As you can imagine, these are very crucial areas to the success of the company. Which of course means they will also require consistent and steady funding. This new company endeavor will help bring in a substantial amount of high value jobs throughout the East Coast and Down South as well. Boaz is opening up the business’s first locations in the New York, Washington DC, Miami, and Atlanta areas. And of course they will be opening up other locations in different areas and states as they continue to expand. The company will offer a variety of programs allowing for numerous people to be able to get a job. But most of their programs will be catering to the minority communities in the areas where they open up locations. By creating these steady jobs, Boaz is looking to provide new opportunities and better features to minority communities such as the Spanish and Black communities. The company is also working with Non Profit Organizations and other agencies to help better the communities they’re in and the surrounding areas.