Friday, October 15, 2021

Soleil (@solefulsoul) - "Infatuated"

Fresh off of her joint album release with Smltwn EP, Soleil returns with a new single and music video, "Infatuated." "Infatuated" is the perfect love song to get listeners ready for cuffing season. "Infatuated" dives into the deep yearning people feel towards another. "'Infatuated' is about meeting someone and falling for them, either in lust or love." 

Soleil continues, "An unexpected meeting that turns into thinking and dreaming about the person constantly, using your imagination to create experiences with them." The song gives fans that classic, R&B slow jam sound blended with a neo-soul flair. The music video compounds on the sensual tone by providing serene and intimate visuals. Soleil once again linked up with director Samantha Pertusiello for the "Infatuated" music video. Soleil also served as co-creative director for the visual. The infectious jam was written by the dynamic trio of Soleil, James Murphy, and Mitch Cantor. Samson Rawls assisted in the vocal production. 

Soleil yet again demonstrates that her powerful, sublime vocals over a soulful, WMG Boowie produced beat is the perfect recipe for a hit. It is impossible to listen to the track and not be "Infatuated."

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