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Thursday, July 29, 2021

98 Chamberlain (@98Chamberlain_) - "Missed Ya Chance" (Album)

Recently 23-year old Texas rapper 98 Chamberlain released his new project Missed Ya Chance. The 12-track effort is a reflection of his life having been born and raised in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. “This is a reflection of my life over the past year as I transitioned from finishing school and getting that degree I promised my mom. 

The album talks about the ups and downs of my relationships with women, the pursuit of music while taking a more unorthodox path and some of the challenges that come with being an artist in school in an industry with little representation for people with similar stories. I'm reminding listeners that you can be yourself and still be great.” 98 Chamberlain said. 98 Chamberlain was brought up around music as a young kid and began taking his own career more seriously in high school. After high school he continued to make music and while in college he met his On Go Academy crew. 

What began as a hotbox freestyle session evolved a lifelong friendship with producer Condo and artist Stunnamansam, two artists he still works with to this day. Since that moment in 2017, 98 Chamberlain and Condo have developed an exciting chemistry as an artist/producer team, releasing multiple projects including Sleeper Pick and Wilt. Leading into the project, 98 Chamberlain released the first two singles "Wheelchair Jimmy" and "4 The Gang" which were presented to fans in a double video. 

The project which will be distributed by Beat Stars also includes guest production from Yung Icey (credits: Future, etc.) and a feature from Flee (a rapidly-ascending artist from Queens, New York).

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