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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Usher Raymond or R. Kelly

Many critics and fans are saying Usher has replaced R. Kelly as the king of r&b. Bobby Brown confidently proclaimed the title of King of R&B as well did Jacquees. Although Usher carry the lead in most hits created.

Both R. Kelly and Usher being named king are understandable. R. Kelly is one of the most prolific artists, composers, and producers of all times.

Were not saying Usher is better than R. Kelly or anything, we just want to know which artist would you choose to listen to first? You can comment your answer below, but before that, lets learn a little about both artist.

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Usher's collaboration with is one of his biggest hits. American singer Usher has released eight studio albums, ten compilation albums, eight extended plays, and 79 singles (including 19 as a featured artist).

More than 23 million of his albums have been shipped in the United States with over 100 million total records sold worldwide, making him one of the best selling music artists of all time. He has nine Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles (all as a lead artist) and 18 Hot 100 top-ten singles.

R Kelly has built up a large discography of hit songs, including three UK Official Singles Chart Number 1s. His sound helped define what came to be known as hip-hop soul. Ignition is one of R. Kelly's biggest hit songs.

R. Kelly is one of the most successful artists of all time with over 40 million albums sold worldwide, 3 Grammy Awards, 6 American Music Awards, 6 Billboard Awards, and 8 Soul Train Music Awards.

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naatje said...

for me hell no ,RKelly is always the King of R&B nobody can changed that no usher no chris Brown nobody

Darshelle Jones said...

It’s definitely Usher for me

Kitty Boo said...

R Kelly!

Sizwe said...

Hands down R Kelly!

Anonymous said...

R. Kelly is the King to me, he is the better singer out of the two