Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Kids In Public Schools

I do not like the idea of my kid going to public schools. If you are parents who can not afford to send your kids to private schools, then public schools is what you have to settle for. In these day's, public schools is bad for children.

It seems as if all the teenagers learn about is dating and how to get pregnant in public schools. I decided to make an unannounced trip to public schools in Lima, Ohio and it turned out to be what it is. The teachers are stressed out, and the kids are doing what they want.

Public schools can not control these kids because the teachers feel like they are not paid enough. The kids are taking control of the system by skipping classes, smoking drugs, and dating as they please. They love to get sent home for a few days for getting in trouble because they enjoy sleeping in late.

The learning process has down graded from the time I was in school, we had teachers that cared not only about the jobs, but the students themselves. The kids these day have no morals or insight on the future. What happened to the American Dream?

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