Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Piers Morgan Talks Kanye West

Piers Morgan took a second to reflect on Kanye’s most popular “rants” throughout the years and wrote a passionate article on Mail Online admiring ”the way Kanye fights his corner like a wounded bull careering around a china shop” as he brings to light important issues in America.

Two days ago(Feb. 23), Kanye West gave a riveting speech while accepting his Visionary Award at the 2015 BET Honors. Speaking on love, happiness and race relations within the entertainment industry, Yeezy’s words were compelling and moving.

The British journalist, acknowledges that sometimes ‘Ye doesn’t always take the best approach. For example, the 2009 VMAs stint where he interrupted Taylor Swift as she accepted her award. However, according to Morgan, you can’t help but think that Kanye has a point after he does these things.  ”It was Taylor’s moment, and of course he should have let her enjoy it,” said Piers. “And yet, any dispassionate observer would have to agree he was also completely right; Beyonce’s sensational video for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring It)” blew Taylor’s “You Belong With Me” to smithereens,” he added. Similarly, Morgan believes Kanye had a point with his recent comments about Beck’s Grammy win for Best Album of the Year. ”And, frankly, if Beck did have an ounce of self-awareness about the cheesy guff he churns out, that’s exactly what he should have done,” said the former CNN news host.

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