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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

TroubleMaker & ShadowDaVillain - "Godzilla" (Video)

After a vulnerable, heart felt melody "Gave it my all" NYC's uncrowned drill King "Trouble Maker" along with "Shadow Da Villain" makes it's clear they still outside with the gang and whatever form of disrespect you jacking either through song's and or social media platforms will be met with severe consequences, so press play and mask up as drill season cont. Make sure you tap in with "Trouble Maker" via IG @_t.m_54_

Over Certified (aka OC) Releases "Deep"


Over Certified aka O C is Voted 2023 Rising Artist of the Year. Featured in over 30 social media platforms.

“Deep” is a combination of hip hop, rap and R & B with the message of enthusiastic empowerment and
sexual strength. Check it out below.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Nazzy the Mic (@nazzythemic) - "Whatizyoname" (Video)

18-year-old rapper Nazzy The Mic presents the Banga Jaxon-directed music video for "Whatizyoname", the new single from Nazzy's new album Eighteen, which also features a guest appearance from Yung.King.Cole as well as production from 3GLI and WNZ. The "How You Feel" video comes on the heels of visuals for "How You Feel, Pt. 2", (watch on Youtube) and "Hopeless, Pt. 2" (Youtube). Born Norelle Hampton, Nazzy has been rapping since the age of 6, hitting the studio since the age of 12 and released her first EP at the age of 16. Nazzy mines her real life as a Gay and Muslim teen and product of inner-city Philadelphia, painting a visceral image as a prolific storyteller. Growing up she's witnessed violence and experienced trauma, love and loss, conflicts between her religion and her sexuality. She turns the booth into a therapy session to communicate her problems, feelings, and thoughts on the mic. Nazzy has been featured in popular music publications such as Elevator Mag, Wordplay, Notion, and many more. Eighteen is out now on Firebrand Entertainment.

Noxbond Concert Cancelled At last Minute

 Greedy and finessing promoter in Atlanta Taylor Frucel cancels Noxbonds concert at the last minute because she could not finesse our hero  Noxbond. Shows been cancelled and so is she.  

Saturday, May 27, 2023

#NowPlaying Taylor Swift Ft Ice Spice - Karma #MusicVideo


Hours after Taylor Swift released the remix of her song "Karma," featuring Ice Spice, the pair appeared onstage together and performed the song. Watch the official video here first!

Friday, May 26, 2023

Nickoe (@Day1_Nickoe) - "Rules" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi and L.I.E. To Me Music Group artist Nickoe releases his motion picture for his single entitled "Rules" directed by Urban Casso. Nickoe's "Rules" giving you the rules to streets, got to know the rules before you jump into the street life.

Daemon (@songsbydae) - "Vader" (Lyric Video)

St. Louis-based rapper Daemon presents "Vader", his new single produced by Grills. Daemon marries a golden-era hiphop pedigree with a trailblazing spirit, routinely weaving genres as disparate as EDM, trap and grunge into the mix. Daemon has collaborated with artists like Killer Mike, DJ Shadow and Trackstar The DJ of Run The Jewels, who contributes cuts to "Vader".

Should We Agree With What Timbaland Said About R. Kelly Music?


Timbaland has faced backlash after he spoke about R. Kelly, saying the singer is still the “King of R&B,” even after his conviction for sex crimes across several states. 

YNX 716 - Messages In Money | Single @ynx71

YNX 716 delivers his latest single "Messages In Money".
The song portrays his journey along the path of pursuing all forms of evil, extracting valuable lessons to prioritize moral values over monetary gains.

Big Lean - Holy Smoke (prod. by Bobby Genius) | Single


Hailing from Virginia, independent artist Big Lean has released his latest single 'Holy Smoke', a soulful and smooth track that captures his unique swagger and witty wordplay. The song is the first single from his upcoming project 'Keep it Playa'.