Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Truth Behind Gucci Mane And Young Jeezy Beef


In 2005, Gucci and Jeezy joined forces on two tracks, “Black Tees” and “So Icy,” both produced by then up-and-coming beatsmith Zaytoven. “Icy” caught fire almost instantly in rap circles and Gucci Mane pushed it as his lead single from his debut LP, Traphouse.

Gucci Mane Charged with the murder of a Jeezy associate While Gucci was visiting a female friend on May 10, four men broke into the house and began assaulting him. Days later, Gucci turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with the murder of Pookie Loc.

Either way, whatever working relationship the two rappers had disintegrated. In 2005, Gucci dropped the diss track "Round 1," on which he picks Jeezy apart from beginning to end. In 2012, Gucci dropped “The Truth,” a scathing diss track meant to destroy Jeezy from the inside, out.

A short history of events leading up to the Gucci vs Jeezy verzuz on November 19, 2020.The jeezy vs gucci story goes back 15 years, and it wasn't always bad.

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