Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ohio Rapper (@ganstamarcus) Delivers Strong Message In - It Is What It Is


'It Is What It Is' is a track created by Gansta Marcus of Lima, Ohio. This song is off his self proclaimed album 'Slick Rick.'

'The track was created because I needed to add some originality to the album. It Is What It Is is the only track on the album that is not like the rest. It has a unique sound all the way around.'

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Chorus: Big bottles popping, red bones dropping, got the world watching. It is what it is! This world never crushed me, your words never hurt me. It is what it is.

Lyrics: They want you robbing, stealing, and cheating on your own kind. A few of us strong and think with our own mind. A lot of them blind and choose to live these rappers lives. Understand they entertainers, when will you open your eyes... Listen in above. Stream below on digital platforms.

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