Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#NewMusic Sip Hop - Over Money (Car Service Mix) @siphop662 #NowPlayingonTWUM

Sip Hop
- This track here is about how people wanna make money, teaming up to get money or speak about of how folks will treat you like a dummy if you don't have any money.

'Folks, this track is a must hear if you talking about a song with good content behind it. I'm talking about Sip Hop with his new track titled Over Money that's on YouTube'. With this dope content, you get good vibe hits that like, comment or share button to share it with a family member, friends and even to the streets to vibe with this.

You can search the song on YouTube by searching Sip Hop Over Money and give it a check out to see how you would rate this song by liking or sharing the video to viewers to also check out themselves.

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  1. Hi I am really interested in your blog. I want to start one of my own but haven't figured out the best set up. I enjoy the music on the side, images and writing. You get your point across very well. I hope to some day have a blog like yours one day.


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