Thursday, October 15, 2020

Before They Were Famous - Jay-Z


Before Jay Z would be crowned the best rapper alive, with 21 grammies, 13 number 1 albums, and a net worth of 520 million dollars

Before he would stop promoting Cristal champagne in his songs after the manager of the company made some ignorant and ungrateful comments, and Jay went and bought his own champagne company instead.

Before Jay Z and Beyonce became the biggest power couple in the biz, only to have his cheating scandal rock headlines and have people question if Bey would stick with him.

Before he was speculated to have occult connections, dropping clues about joining the Freemasons society in his lyrics for “Run This Town”

Shawn Carter wanted to be the best at everything he did from a young age. Top of his class with a strength in English, he took to writing to express himself when his father abandoned the family. His skill was incredible but his rap style was ahead of its time and at first success didn’t come. While he waited for the rest of the world to catch up, he took to selling drugs on the streets.

My name’s Michael McCrudden looking at the life of Jay Z prior to fame here for you on Before they were famous. I did a video on him a while back but I had a whole lot more to add to it, plus this channel’s come a long ways since then, and this background’s a lot nicer to look at…just take my word for it.

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