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Friday, November 8, 2019

What Would R. Kelly Say About Jacqees Naming His Album King of R&B?

Jacquees is teasing at R. Kelly and the rest of the R&B singers as he has just released a new album titled 'King of R&B.' I'm just imagining what R. Kelly things about this while he is still locked up behind bars.

Jacquees had boldly claimed he was the 'King Of R&B', but R Kelly, John Legend and more had a few things to say last year. Tyrese and Tank took to social media to firmly assert R.Kelly is the king of R&B and that Jacquees is a new artist who still has work to do.

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The battle of the King Of R&B has been the topic of discussion since last year. The most popular form of R&B with globally recognized artists is Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Usher, R Kelly and Whitney Houston.

R&B was an African-American urban sound that evolved from blues and jazz. In the late 1940′s R&B was described as rocking and jazz based with a heavy and insistent beat. R&B was becoming popular because of it dance ability.

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So now that we have learned more about the history of R&B, does this still make Jacquees qualified? I bet R. Kelly would say no to this. If you haven't heard Jacquees new album, then hear it below. Leave a comment on what you think of the music below!

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