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Sunday, November 10, 2019

#NewMusic From Ozzy Osbourne 'Under The Graveyard'

Ozzy Osbourne new album isn't due until the top of 2020, but the rock icon has delivered a teaser of what's to come from the upcoming set with a new single called "Under The Graveyard." Just last week, Sharon Osbourne revealed that his upcoming album, which was completed sometime this summer, is due out at the top of year.

"Under The Graveyard" marks Ozzy's first new solo release in almost a decade. His last solo album, Scream, was released in 2010.

His recent health issues also proved to be a reason for it. "He felt literally worthless," she said. "He would watch different things on TV, and he was watching a documentary on a band, and they were in their tour bus traveling. He couldn't watch it. He was near to tears, and he goes, 'I miss my life. I want my life back.' It's been really hard on him. But he's getting there. He'll be back."

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