Friday, June 28, 2019

Name Your Favorite Garth Brooks Song

Garth Brooks was born into a musical family; his mother had a brief recording career with Capitol Records in the 1950s. Garth Brooks signed with Capitol Records and released his self-titled first album in 1989.

Garth Brooks has now been added to our section of Fans Favorites listed by the Wrap-Up Magazine. Brooks had more than 20 number one hits, awards too numerous to count and his share of controversies, but in 1998, it was his sales numbers that drew the most attention.

We would like to know what's your favorite song from Garth Brooks. Leave your comment below. Be nice and kind while we have fun. The Wrap-Up Magazine has chosen Garth Brooks famous single "The Dance" as there most liked song from the entertainer.

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  1. I named my Charity auction company Maverick charity auctions in honor of Garth and his song against the grain. I did an auction in 2006 for Garth and his teammates for kids Charity. We raised $1000000 in 20 items. That's why folks call me the Maverick.��

    1. Now thats big and would be a story i would tell me grand kids. memories are forever

  2. Shameless. It was the first song I heard on the radio and fell in love with his music and country

  3. The Dance for sure for me!!
    Such meaning and I have been through plenty of pain but I wouldn’t have missed all that surrounded it for anything.
    Love that song!!


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