Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Eminem Rap Battle With Chris D'Elia Will Happen

Things are not clear on what Eminem is trying to do by calling certain entertainers to battle him, but it sure looks like the Detroit rapper is winning. On Tuesday, Eminem returned to the 'Gram to promote the collaborative record and to make the following promise to his fans: "Me and @chrisdelia are gonna battle one day," he wrote in the caption.

The 39-year-old comedian, who raps under the Chank Smith alias, caught wind of Em's post and immediately accepted the challenge. The post also included a photo of D'Elia posing with a trunk filled with napkins—a reference to his 2018 freestyle in which he imitated Shady's signature flow.

Eminem was seemingly amused by D'Elia's impression. He posted another clip of the comedian's video titled "Eminem in the cypher." "This is INCREDIBLE!!!," he captioned the video, "4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!!"

D'Elia told Billboard that Logic's team had reached out to him just days before "Homicide" dropped. The comedian said he was honored to be featured on the record, so much so that he refused to accept payment for the sample.

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So what is it that Eminem is trying to prove? Is he giving the right artist the spotlight they deserve? Or is this apart of his legacy on how he made it to the industry? Leave your thoughts below!

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