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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Music Critics Picks For 2018

Music Critics Picks
Music critics at TWUM have gotten together to choose which artist had the best track to move the crowd! These tracks are part of a list that listeners put on replay. somehow somewhere these artist were able to make the music fans enjoy their music.

Take a listen t these artist and follow them if like!

Mz​Nay - Mumble Rappers

Check out Mumble Rappers (Clean), from Mz Nay Follow on twitter

MDB - Where The Check

I even caught myself listening to this track multiple times. This is a must turn up! Follow MDB on Facebook

RazzaMoore - Gucci Gang Remix

Florida rapper RazzaMoore releases a remix to Lil Pump's track "Gucci Gang'.

Cee Major - Hotline Bling

I completely love this song. the concept is great.

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