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Monday, August 27, 2018

Jess Connelly Releases New #Mixtape "JCON" @jessconnelly

Jess Connelly
Rising Manila-based R&B singer/songwriter Jess Connelly has released her anticipated new mixtape JCON.

The independent artist has quickly amassed a massive following in the Philippines as a leader of its underground R&B scene. The 13-track project includes the dreamy track “Call Me” produced by Dave Drake and Ayo, plus the previously released “Deep + Involved” and “Turn Me Down.”

Part Filipino and part Australian, the classically trained vocalist began singing as a child and later dove into songwriting at 13 years old. She was born in Australia and later migrated to the Philippines with her parents to start a new life. Growing frustrated with the music industry in the country that has traditionally favored industry-build pop stars, she set out to change it with her own art. Jess has since released music on her own that has sonically strayed from the norm and her one-of-a-kind artistry has quickly become sought after by the larger entertainment industry in Manila.

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