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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pro - "What What" @isaactoucey @prodbyartem @versusvisualzz

Fort Washington-based rapper Pro presents the Versus Visualz-directed music for “What, What”, his new single produced by Artem. Pro's previous releases include “In The Way” and “Sauce”.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Pro said, “'What, What' is about all the nonsense. This song is about filtering out the stuff you don’t care to hear. It is about loving what you love, and loving to disregard what you hate. 'What, What', in laymen's terms, is 'that thing'. It’s either that 'yeah' or that 'no' and it is up to the listener to determine what falls under those categories. 'What, What' can be the new car you bought yourself, or it can be the hater in the crowd while you are trying to perform. It is not negative or positive.”

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