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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sip Hop Story On 4 Da Love

The track 4 Da Love is more of a mix tape track from Starlito's single I Get Tired with me as a rapper just paying my respect for loved ones and for hip hop as well. A track that we all can vibe to and to let you know this track here was an example that you make a good or great song without mentioning trap or popping molly's. I also had to shout this track out to my grandpa who recently pass away which was actually the reason that i came with this track. Then you have a bar line where i spit like
A son of a mother/a son of a father
But i salute more to mother as a mother and a father.
One of my favorite bars of all time, truthfully this is one my favorite mix tape tracks that i ever did just coming from the heart to represent and finesse for america on this one.

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