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Friday, April 7, 2017

Chris Brown And Lil Wayne Under Investigation

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are being investigated for their ties to Harrison Garcia, a Miami-based producer who is on trial for federal drug charges.

According to the Miami Herald, Garcia bragged via text message about receiving $15,000 in his bank account from Chris Brown for drugs. In an exchange with a woman, Garcia shared a screenshot of a wire transfer from a Christopher Brown. When the woman asked why he paid Garcia, he responded by saying, “Drugs … lean and s***.” He also directed his "do-boy" to deliver drugs to Lil Wayne, as he texted, “I’ll shoot u some trees. It’s for Wayne.”

When he was first arrested in October, Garcia confessed that he sold "a lot of narcotics" to Lil Wayne. Agents believe that he used the money from the drugs to buy several luxury cars, guns, high-end clothing, and jewelry, including a chain that looked like a styrofoam cup spilling out lean.

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