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Thursday, August 18, 2016

YG And 4Hunnid Records Sign Multi-Million Dollar Deal

YG and 4Hunnid Records inked a multi-million dollar deal with Interscope this week.

The deal was made off the strength of YG and affiliates like DJ Mustard’s past work. The rapper discussed the deal with Billboard. “Joie [Manda, president of urban music at Interscope Geffen A&M] was really behind our whole movement and everything we had going on,” he said. “[Joie] knew what I did, who I had something to do with. With the album being a classic, [DJ] Mustard popping off, Ty [Dolla Sign] popping off ‘cause we all from the same camp, he felt like I could have my own label and do the same things we did for ourselves and other artists.”

Manda apparently has a lot of faith in YG and 4 Hunnid’s vision and is prepared to back them. John Janick, the CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M also expressed his excitement over the deal while speaking to Billboard. “YG has an unbelievable eye for talent and an innate understanding of what people want to hear. I know 4Hunnid and Interscope will do great things together.” YG hopes to do more than recruit artists with hot singles. He really wants to help new artists follow in his blueprint which involves constantly releasing new material. “It’s a lotta other artist-owned labels who want artists with hot singles like for right now and that’s cool because that’s the easy money but we getting brands. We teach artists how to build brands and be businessmen and business ladies.”

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