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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Leaders Are Born, Not Created

The discussion that follows pre-supposes that we are not born with the essential qualities of leadership ingrained into our psyche. As such we will break down the mindset of an extraordinary leader and the essential qualities that are required for inspiring leadership in business, sports and life. 

We will also identify a number of critical skills that a leader must cultivate on a daily basis while touching upon some essential practices of leadership that involve motivating others and leading people in challenging times. We will conclude our discussion by exploring some common leadership mistakes that we must avoid at all costs if we desire to lead others effectively.

Some say that extraordinary leadership is something that is injected into our psyche at the moment of our conception. Apparently these leadership qualities come packaged as part of our DNA. We are therefore either born with the gift for extraordinary leadership or we unfortunately draw the short end of the straw. There are however other people who believe that extraordinary leaders are not born but rather nurtured and inspired to achieve feats of greatness.

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