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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Young Buck Possibly Facing Jail Time

G-Unit rapper, Young Buck, is set to appear in court on Thursday (May 5) to answer for a couple of parole violations he has incurred over the past several weeks.  Buck's parole officer was forced to come before a judge last Friday (April 29), in order to bring the judge up to speed on a moving violation the rapper was stopped for on Monday, April 25.  The terms of his release require that Buck immediately inform his P.O. whenever arrested or questioned by law enforcement; an action that his officer reports did not take place.  The Cashville Records head is expected to defend why the infractions should not consequently result in prison time.

The 35-year-old, born David Darnell Brown, may face a challenge, as the traffic fumble was his second offense in as many months.  A March 18th filing by the prosecution alleged that he was recorded making death threats via text message exchange with the fiance of his child's mother.  According to the report, Buck was responding to a perceived insult by the fiance, who supposedly challenged his integrity as a father for failing to make child support payments.  The messages have Buck threatening that he will 'slap the s*** out of' him, and demanding he give up his location so that he could go and 'f*** [him] up.'  Buck suspected at the time that the messages on the fiance's end might have been made in the presence or with the knowledge of a lawyer, telling his P.O. that at one point the man told him it was being read by the District Attorney.

A decision against the rapper on Thursday could land him back behind bars for as many as 14 months.

Young Buck has been on probation since October of 2013, when he was released after serving 18 months on gun charges stemming from a 2010 raid. He got himself into trouble when in 2014 he was first confronted with the repercussion of violating parole, as he was found to have lied to his P.O. about using fake urine during a drug test.  He would subsequently reach a plea deal ordering him to give 100 hours of community service, spend 30 days at a treatment center followed by a 90 day stint at a correction center, then comply with the 18 months of probation he has recently struggled to complete.

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