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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Separate The Real From The Fake

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) It seems easier said than done but at some time in our lifetime we must separate the real friends from the fake ones. Finding a good mentor is a smart way to stay on track as your pursue your goals in life. And just as important, having a good role model will keep you inspired through your toughest challenges.

More often than not, the real role models are in our schools, not on the football field, up on the movie screen, or singing at concerts. In my mind, schoolteachers are the true stars of our society. The people selling drugs had money and power, and this was what the students respected.

Role models should also be individuals who demonstrate qualities that contribute to good character development, who have a strong sense of integrity, and who believe that success is more than just what is in your bank account, that what matters is what is inside you as a person.

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