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Monday, March 7, 2016

Tools And Tips For Independent Musicians

A lot of things can come with being a singer or musician - attention, popularity, a level of fame, money etc. However, there is one thing that many musicians don't realize that they also have - influence. When you sing or perform, people listen to you. They make them feel the same feelings you feel. They believe every word in your songs. As a result, possibly without even realizing it, you have the power to:

1. Make them feel either good or bad about themselves
2. Turn a bad day into a good day or vice versa
3. Build their confidence up or tear it down
4. Help them fall in love or learn to hate
5. Help them express their feelings or teach them to be silent and withdrawn
6. Help them through a crisis or push them deeper into one
7. Give them hope or fill them with despair
8. Be their here or be their villain
9. Help them find their way or help them be even more lost
10. Help them understand you better or feed them lies

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