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Monday, March 21, 2016

Do You Think Outside The Box

Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is pushing young people to think outside the box. Here are a few tips that we have learned along the way that have aided us in getting outside the box:

1.  Identify the issue.

2.  Determine whether a regular or typical solution to the problem exists.

3.  If one does, you’re done. If no, map out everything that went into creating the issue. In this aspect, be expansive. Include everything possible.

4.  Once you start mapping out the issue more completely, start looking for ways to  address the situation in one of the more outlying areas that was not considered  previously.

5.  Never dismiss a possible solution on the basis, “It simply cannot be done.” Consider everything. Go through every possibility until you know for a fact it can or cannot be done.

Teach yourself to look at problems more expansively. Never be dismissive of a potential solution before you have thoroughly thought it through. In thinking outside the box we began looking at how did the opponent acquire their trademark rights they are now asserting against us?
‘Think outside the box’ is one of the biggest creativity cliches. The basic idea is that to be creative you need to challenge your own assumptions and look at things from a fresh angle. You need to break out of conventional thinking and take off the blinkers formed by past experience.

Opportunities are out there for young entrepreneurs and Y.E.S. is a great way to create discussion with those just starting out as well as others who’ve turned ideas into reality. “Anything can happen but if you really want to put your mind to it and see change happen it has to start with you.” 

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