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Monday, December 7, 2015

Judge Joe Brown Talk Young Thug And Being Colored

(The Wrap-Up Magazine) After his recent stint in jail, Judge Joe Brown likened jail to a "slave warehouse," which he explained during his exclusive VladTV interview. The famed television judge told us "it's a function of the system to get rid of surplus labor. Labor is a commodity like wheat, corn, cotton, etc., and when you get a glut the prices drop." He then added there's nothing put in place to assist the vicious cycle that is stopping inmates from going back to jail.

During the conversation Judge Brown also shared his thoughts on how he believes there is a lack of masculinity in today's society, including in rap music. After pointing out his belief in gay rights, Judge Brown told us that there should be more masculine images in hip-hop and the media, especially if they're Black. He added, "that's what the youth look to to guide themselves."

Speaking more about masculinity in hip-hop, Judge Brown reacted to Young Thug wearing nail polish and dresses. When told about the situation the famed judge reacted by saying, "Why doesn't he just come on out of the closet? It's the twenty first century, they ain't going to hurt him. Be honest."

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