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Monday, December 21, 2015

Amber Rose Talks Being Sexually Assaulted

Speaking further on her own personal experiences, Amber revealed she was sexually assaulted while in seventh grade. "This boy stuck his hand all the way up my skirt," she said of the trauma. "I was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium, and he sat down next to me and put his hand up my skirt..." Rose admitted she felt "extremely violated" and immediately went to the principal to report the incident.  "And she blamed me. She said, 'You shouldn't even be wearing a skirt like that.' Obviously, in the seventh grade, my skirt was not that short — but even if it was, that didn't give him the right to shove his hand up my skirt."

Amber Rose has become quite the public speaker this year when it comes to women empowerment and putting an end to slut-shaming. The "Muva" of the Slut Walk recently spoke to MTV to discuss the movement and her new book, How to Be a Bad B***h. "This year, I feel like I found my voice. I was constantly defending myself, like, 'No, I didn't sleep with that guy. No, I'm not a whore. Don't look at me like that,'" said Amber. "And one day, I woke up and I was like, 'Maybe I am — and that's cool.' If you want to look at me and call me a whore because I'm single and I'm dating, fine! Then I'll be a slut. It's cool. I'm actually cool with that. Once I came to that realization, I was so happy. I'm 32. I'm single. I'm a mom. Yes, I'm going to date. I'm going to live my life and do whatever I want."

On a lighter note, the mother of one also assured the reporter her son, Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz, will treat women how she feels all men should. "It all starts with the mothers and the fathers and the parents," Amber began. "I'm raising a man, so it's very important for me to talk to my son. He's two-and-a-half now, but as he gets older, and he starts going to school, I'm going to have these conversations with him." She then compared herself to Barbra Streisand from Meet The Fockers. "I'm going to be like, 'Honey, did you give your wife an orgasm? Are you good? Are you taking care of her?' I'm going to be that mom because regardless of what a girl has on or how pretty she is — or even if she gets you to that point where you guys are both naked in bed — if she says no, it's no. You put your clothes back on, and you leave. So we need to teach our sons and daughters about what's right and what's wrong."

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